Aged Care Home Window Cleaning

Aged Care Home Window CleaningAs an organisation responsible for looking after retirement, care homes and their residents, you’ll know how important it is to work alongside considerate and conscientious suppliers.When selecting Aged Care Home Window Cleaning consider Shimmer Window  Cleaning and you choose a window cleaning service provider that puts reliability, safety, quality, and professionalism first.

Our professional and personable approach has made Shimmer Window and Glass Cleaning Services a firm favourite of charities, care homes and their residents throughout Sydney and the metropolitan district.

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A long flexible pole up to 72ft is connected to the tap via a filtration system. Water flows from the tap through the filter and its five stage filtration system and a de-ionizing polishing resin removes all traces of minerals and TDS (total dissolved solids).

The water is pumped through the pole to a brush and the operator can then clean the glass by agitating the brush against the window cleaning the frames first and then the panes. Purified water is used for two reasons it dries naturally without leaving unsightly spots over the glass, and it acts as a solvent obviating the need for chemicals or detergents. No Squeegee necessary!

With Shimmer Window and Glass Cleaning Services working for your organisation, you will enjoy a cost-effective Aged Care Home Window Cleaning service that offers the following benefits:

  • Our System is unique using  poles reaching heights of up to 22 metres or 7 stories and filtered water, which ultimately is safer and more cost effective provides highest quality cleans, enhanced safetyand cost savings.
  • Full and comprehensive insurance, including $5,000,000 public liability cover.
  • Courteous, unobtrusive, personable and professional approach
  • Industry trained and certified cleaners working to the forefront of health and safety legislation

For a full quote on your Aged Care Home Window Cleaning Call us for a free quote on (02) 8006 4442 or use our contact form

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