School Window Cleaning – What to Look For When You Hire a Window Cleaning Company

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Keeping your school building maintained is a huge job.

You have to worry about the interior including all the furnishings, paint on the walls, floor care, plumbing, and a multitude of other jobs.

Then there’s the exterior.

The yard has to be mowed, trees and hedges trimmed, sidewalks cleaned, parking lots maintained, roofs repaired and exterior walls painted.

And then, to top it off, there are all those windows to clean.

But this is one worry you can mark of your list.

If you hire a reputable company that specialises in School Window Cleaning, they will come out at a set time and keep all your windows sparkling clean.

It then become something you don’t even have to think about anymore. You’ll know it’s being done correctly at the appointed times each month.

Shimmer School Window Cleaning

But how do you know that the company you hire will be reliable?

What if they don’t show up when they’re suppose to or don’t do a good job once they get there?

Here are a few questions you should always find out before you hire a company for your school window cleaning.

How long have then been in business?

Don’t work with untested companies. Hire someone who has a proven reputation in your local area.

Shimmer School Window Cleaning has been in business for over 10 years providing commercial and domestic Window Cleaning to  the wider Sydney area.

Have they worked for other schools?

If so, are they willing to give you the names of past clients you can call as references.

Shimmer School Window Cleaning provides their services to a wide range of clients from Strata Units to hotels as well as School Window Cleaning. You can contact us for references.

Do they offer any other services?

Some school window cleaning companies offer a variety of other services such as: driveway cleaning, high-pressure building washing, and skylight and concrete cleaning. You may be able to get multiple jobs taken care of with one company.

Ask us now about our special promotion – 20% off our high pressure cleaning service if you book at the same time as your glass cleaning!

How meticulous is their service?

Do they clean window frames as well as windows? If a cleaning service only cleans your windows then rain will cause the dirt on the frames to wash right back onto your windows. Clean window frames helps keep the windows clean longer.

 Shimmer School Window Cleaning clean your window frames too!

Traditional window cleaners only clean glass. Shimmer School Window Cleaning  scrub your window frames too. When it rains no dirt will wash back onto your windows again.

Do they use detergents?

Though this may seem like a good idea; it will result in a streaked window. You want a service that uses water that is put through a filtration system to remove impurities. This will result in a streak free window surface without any chemical or detergent residue.

Shimmer School Window Cleaning  - only 100% pure water

The fine non visible film of detergeant left on the glass by ALL traditional methods attract dust particles in the air and therefore get dirtier quicker!  Shimmer School Window Cleaning only uses 100% pure water and no detergents.

This is the most important questions a school administrator should ask:

Who will be cleaning your windows?

Will the owners do the work themselves?

If they hire a crew will the owners be there to supervise?

And most important of all: if they hire workers for their crews do they do any kind of background check or call their references? When you’re dealing with workers who are going to be on your school grounds you need to know who will actually be on site. It’s always preferable if the owners themselves will be doing the work for you.

We do the cleaning ourselves and take personal care to ensure that all your window frames, glass and surfaces are left spotless. You won’t be disappointed. Call us for a quote on your School Window Cleaning today!

Make sure the company is insured and are in compliance with all OH&S requirements.

Shimmer School Window Cleaning is Registered with Trades Monitor, Shimmer Glass Cleaning is fully insured and OH&S compliant. We are also proud members of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation (AWCF).

Once you’ve hired a reputable, professional window cleaning company; you’ll have one less thing to worry about. You’ll know your building will have sparkling clean windows and the cleaning will be done in safe, secure way.

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Shimmer School Window Cleaning

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