Strata Window Cleaning – How To Find the Best Company for Your Building

We’ve all heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is true when you’re meeting your future in-laws, when you’re applying for a new job or even when you want to attract people to your business by keeping the strata building you own or manage in top shape.

You know how you feel when you visit a building for the first time. May be you’re consider buying or renting office space or an apartment. You’ve heard good things from associates and you’ve read the advertisements in the paper. It sounds like a building you’d want to live or work in.

But then you get there in person. The yard isn’t mowed, the hedges are out of control, and the parking lot needs updating. The other thing you notice is the windows are covered with a layer of dust and dirt. They haven’t been using Shimmer Strata Window Cleaning services.

Strata Window Cleaning

Shimmer can help with your Strata Window Cleaning

This gives the whole building an air of shabbiness. After a quick look you leave, without ever going inside.

If you’re in charge of maintaining a large strata building you know how hard it is to keep the windows cleaned on a regular basis. You hire a crew to do the windows but they never show up. You pay another company and the work is shabby and careless.

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How do you locate a company that cares about quality and customer service for your Strata Window Cleaning?

There are a few major things your should always find out before you hire a window cleaning company.

By doing your due diligence in advance you will have a building you’re proud of without the hassles of no shows, lazy workers, and over-priced services that don’t deliver quality results.

Here are a few of the questions you should ask re Strata Window Cleaning :

Who will be doing the actual work?

No one cares more about a business than the owner. Find out if the owners will be onsite while the work is being done or if they have unsupervised crews.

Shimmer Strata Window Cleaning has trained professionals which are always available to contact.

How many floors are they able to access?

Some companies top out at a certain height. The company you choose should have a proven record of cleaning buildings as tall or even higher than yours. You need to know they have the expertise and the equipment to handle taller buildings.

Shimmer Strata Window Cleaning has their own professional abseilers which are specialists in their fields cleaning windows of buildings up to 36 stories.

Will they leave streaks on your windows?

If the company uses a filtration system to de-ionizes the water it will not leave streaks. If they use detergent or soap it will leave residue.

Shimmer Strata Window Cleaning uses  a unique filtered water system, which ultimately is safer and more cost effective provides highest quality cleans, enhanced safetyand cost savings. No streaks guaranteed.

What kind of equipment do they use?

If a company cares about their service, they’ll keep their equipment up-to-date. A company that’s using old or cheap equipment doesn’t truly care about the service they’re providing for their customers.

Shimmer Strata Window Cleaning Not only uses superior equipment but we have built a reputation for always paying meticulous attention due to the owners being involved in every job – a rarity in this industry.

How long have they been in business?

You should always work with a company that has built a reliable reputation in your community.

Shimmer Strata Window Cleaning are an owner-operated private company with 10 years experience working in the glass industry.

Do they have references from other companies?

Don’t just take their word for how wonderful their services are. Ask for referrals from past customers.

Shimmer Strata Window Cleaning can provide references from past clients just email us or view our reference page

Are they insured?

Don’t hire a window cleaning company unless they can provide you with proof of insurance and are OH&S compliant.

Shimmer Strata Window Cleaning are registered with Trades Monitor, Shimmer Glass Cleaning is fully insured and OH&S compliant. We are also proud members of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation (AWCF).

By asking these questions in advance you’ll know you’re working with a company with a proven track record.

They’ll work with you to assure your strata building makes the best first impression possible.

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