Abseiling (up to 36 Stories)
Our abseilers are specialists in their fields cleaning windows of buildings up to 36 stories. They are accredited and deliver safe skilled solutions across the property sector. Services include window cleaning, anchor point installation and testing, high pressure cleaning, building maintenance, banner and sign installation, height safety systems and more. Their meticulous approach and attention to detail sets them apart in this industry.

Medium Rise (2 – 6 Stories)
Shimmer Glass Cleaning’s speciality is their ability to reach five stories with carbon-fibre telescopic poles without leaving the ground. This special equipment involves a filtration system which de-ionizes the water to remove impurities.

This ensures the windows dry spot and streak free. Our equipment allows us to access difficult to reach areas, without having to use cherry pickers or ropes, reaching heights of up to 16 metres or 5 stories, which ultimately is safer and more cost effective! There are a lot of cheap imitations of this equipment on the market. We have researched and invested in the world’s best! Our brushes and poles will not damage your building or windows. We guarantee it! We’d be happy to arrange a test demonstration for you!

Low Rise (1 Story and Internal Glass) Builders cleans, office partitions, schools, church’s, houses, restaurants, shop fronts – Shimmer Glass Cleaning does it all! We use traditional methods of a bucket and a squeegee to deliver outstanding results every time.


  • No detergent – only 100% pure waterThe fine non visible film of detergeant left on the glass by ALL traditional methods attract dust particles in the air and therefore get dirtier quicker!
  • We clean your window frames too!Traditional window cleaners only clean glass. We scrub your window frames too. When it rains no dirt will wash back onto your windows again.
  • Safer and more cost effective!Our poles mean we never leave the ground. No need for expensive cherry pickers or abseiling equipment. No broken tiles and uneven ground isn’t a problem.


Do telescopic poles clean as well as traditional methods?

Yes we believe it gives a better clean. We clean the frames and there is no detergent residue. And pure water means no streaking or spots and windows stay cleaner longer.

How can it be as good a clean when you don’t use a squeegee to dry the glass afterwards?

It’s the impurities in tap water which leave spots and streaks on your glass. Using 100% purified water means your glass dries spot and streak free.

How can you tell if the glass is still dirty from the ground?

We clean the windows several times and press against the building to see if there is any left over dirt. If in doubt we clean again and again until satisfied. Sometimes what appears to be marks is actually on the inside of the glass.

Does the glass stay cleaner for longer?

Yes! No detergent means no residue on the glass which attracts polon, dust and air particles. Your frames being cleaned first means even if it rains that the glass remains cleaner longer!

What happens if it rains just after I have my windows cleaned?

Your windows will stay clean even after the rain as we have cleaned the frames as well as the glass.


A long flexible pole up to 47ft is connected to the tap via a filtration system. Water flows from the tap through the filter and its five stage filtration system and a de-ionizing polishing resin removes all traces of minerals and TDS (total dissolved solids).

The water is pumped through the pole to a brush and the operator can then clean the glass by agitating the brush against the window cleaning the frames first and then the panes.Purified water is used for two reasons it dries naturally without leaving unsightly spots over the glass, and it acts as a solvent obviating the need for chemicals or detergents. No Squeegee necessary!