A day in the Life of a Window Cleaner

We at Shimmer Glass Cleaning have a team of dedicated team of window cleaning technicians that are experienced and certified to handle a large variety of window glass cleaning jobs. Our window cleaners are extremely hardworking, thorough and efficient and move through their day at a clipping pace and complete all the tasks allocated to them, with no compromise on safety or quality. Take a look at what a day in the life of a window cleaner is like. We’d like to call him John.

John The Window Cleaner

John starts his day at 7.30 am; that’s when he and the rest of his team arrive at the site. He already has his schedule for the day in place and the on-site supervisor will oversee the cleaning job till it is complete. The number of hours or days that John will be working at this site is dependent on the size of the building.

In the case of smaller retail store and residential projects, John and his team may complete the work in a single day. However, if he is working on a commercial window cleaning project for a high rise in Sydney, he may be on that contract for the entire week.

Safety First: Safety Begins with Teamwork

John and his team mates who are also licensed, certified and insured window cleaning professionals will then run through all their standard safety checks; this is something they do each morning before they start work, regardless  of the number of days they have been working at  that particular site.

John wears his harnesses and other safety gear like helmet, gloves and glasses (if necessary) and then starts climbing the telescopic ladder/cradle that is used in the window cleaning work. The cradle or ladder moves up at a steady pace and everything is done in an unhurried yet efficient manner, with safety at the top of his mind.

Once the window cleaning work starts, John also makes sure that no damage is caused to the exterior of the building. In the case of a multi-day project, he knows exactly where he left off the previous day, and the next day’s work will start from that point onwards. At times when the windows are very dirty, it’s easy for him to spot where they had finished cleaning the previous day.

Sometimes, when he is cleaning residential buildings, John may also give a friendly nod or wave to residents that have stepped out onto their balconies to watch the work. John uses our specialised commercial, non-toxic cleaning solution and advanced applicators and squeegees in the cleaning work. Pure water is used to clean the windows and this doesn’t leave behind any steaks or residue on the window surfaces.

He and the rest of the team of course take a couple of scheduled breaks during the course of the day, but are hard at work for the rest of the time. John continues working right through the day till 4 pm when the team calls it a day; the next day will be much the same. While this may seem like a pretty monotonous job, John loves his work and has been working with us for several years now.

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Thank you guys for doing a fantastic job once again! You always get the job done fast and leave no mess behind. It was such a joy to come home to my sparkling windows today. I can’t think you enough.

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Shimmer glass always do a fantastic job for me and provide really great service! Highly recommended.

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Shimmer indeed! We were so impressed with the professionalism of all staff, and what a fabulous job they did. We have a penthouse 5th floor apartment with four balconies and 5 huge sliding doors. Can't say enough. We will be repeat customers.

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