Abseiling Window Cleaning Parramatta

October 6, 2015
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Abseiling Window Cleaning in Parramatta, is a kind of work positioning that had been initially developed from various techniques that are used in caving and climbing. Today, we atShimmer Glass Cleaning apply these same ropework techniques that allow our personnel to access all those difficult-to-reach windows without using any cradles, scaffolding or even an aerial work platform. We are a company with a proven safety record in cleaning high rise as well as medium height structures with the highest levels of expertise.

The Specialised Technique

We are very proud of the high grade Abseil Window Cleaning in Parramatta services that we provide. In most instances this technique is used to clean high rise buildings. Today a lot of these buildings have glass exteriors, which makes them look very impressive and unique. But they can also be a maintenance nightmare. It is obvious that internal housekeeping or building maintenance staff can’t handle this job. It’s a very specialised technique and requires the right equipment, training and practice

The Best Option for Commercial Buildings

Our personnel are highly skilled in this work, are insured and certified too. They follow all the required safety measures and ensure that the job is carried out in a meticulous manner and that all work schedules are maintained. We also understand that when it comes to commercial establishments, you need to be assured that there will be no disruption to the daily activities in the building. Since Abseiling Window Cleaning in Parramatta makes use of ropes and we access the windows from the top of the building, there is no disruption at ground level- there is no scaffolding or any other equipment that will hamper the movement of your employees, customers or clients.

Why Customers Choose Our Services

We are the Abseiling Window Cleaners in Parramatta experts; and over the years we have built a very strong reputation in the field. Today, when residential or commercial customers need window cleaning services, they look no further than our company. This is because:

  • 100% safety record
  • Customised Solutions
  • Highly experienced Glass Cleaning Cleaners in Parramatta
  • 24/7 services
  • Cost-effective services
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Careful project management
  • Professionalism & high levels of customer service
  • OH&S Compliant
  • No hidden charges
  • We are fully-insured
  • Least disruption to the daily activities on your premises

Cost-Effective Solutions

We also have very convenient and cost-effective window cleaning maintenance services. As part of these services, we visit your property at the pre-decided intervals and ensure that all the glass surfaces on your building structure are sparkling clean and spot free. We also use environment-friendly cleaning agents & techniques and make sure that there is no wastage of water.

If you are looking for a reputed and dependable company that provides Abseil Window Cleaning in Parramatta solutions, callShimmer Glass Cleaning. For more information about our specialised services, call us at 1300 090 914. You can also use thisonline form to contact us.