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How Does Pure Water, Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning Work?

If you tell people you intend to clean windows with just pure water without the assistance of soap and chemicals, they’ll naturally be sceptical. However, this technique does work and it’s quick, effective, and has a lower risk of injury. Several window cleaning companies have started to offer this service and clients are curious about it. Here’s a brief explanation of the process and how it works.

What is Pure Water?

This is the key ingredient in the cleaning process because waterfed pole and soap-free cleaning wouldn’t work without pure water. This isn’t the same drinking water available in taps. Pure water is liquid that’s free of any Total Dissolved Solids and is deionised through a special purification process. It’s not free of bacteria and germs, but rather free of metals and minerals.

Usually, rain water is pure, especially in regions with less pollution. The pure water has a tendency to bind with minerals, organic material, and dirt and take these impurities with it. If you pour pure water on a dirty or dusty surface, it’ll be completely clean after the liquid flows off it.

How Does Waterfed Pole Work?

  • The waterfed pole system makes window cleaning much easier and quicker.
  • Cleaners don’t have to climb ladders to reach high windows. The pole can extend to a considerable distance so the cleaners can stand on the ground and clean windows that are two, even three stories high.
  • The pole transports pure water to a specialised brush at the tip that releases the water against the window pane.
  • The pure water agitates the dirt and grime collected on the surface of the window and loosens it enough for the brush to scrub it away.
  • Pure water will break the bond between dirt and glass and a simple rinse will remove dirty water from the surface without any stains or watermarks.


This method of cleaning windows is very effective but it’s not an all-in-one solution. If your window has oily residue and grease on it, just pure water won’t be able to handle the problem and we’ll have to use soap and brush to clean the panes more effectively. However, if you clean the windows regularly with the waterfed pole system, grease and grime won’t accumulate on the glass in the first place. This is a very cost-effective and quick way to keep your windows clean; so you should get it done regularly.

It’s also important to hire the right cleaner for the waterfed pole cleaning process. Some amateurs don’t know how to move the pole, and they leave behind water stains and dirt on the window pane. This process requires a specific technique and considerable skill so you need to hire a cleaner with experience in this field, We offer reasonably priced, high-quality window cleaning services here at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. If you want a free quote for our services, just call 1300 090 914 or fill in this contact us form.

How Do You Choose The Best Window Cleaner For Your Property?

Windows play an important role in the overall aesthetic of your property and it’s important to clean and maintain them well. But they can be a pain to clean, especially if they’re tall and on different floors. It requires time, patience, and skill because inefficient cleaning can leave behind streak marks on the panes and compromise the beauty of the view. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a professional for the job. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right one:

  • Responsive – The first thing to do is find a window cleaning company that’s responsive. They should reply to your request for quote or information quickly and be willing to answer your questions regarding their services and pricing. A quick response is an indication of the quality of their customer service. If the company responds quickly and eagerly to your questions, you should consider them for the job.
  • Insurances – Cleaning windows is risky, especially in high-rise or multi-storeyed buildings. When workers operate in such risky circumstances, they should have adequate insurance cover. Window cleaning can also lead to accidental damage like cracked panes and panels, which can be expensive to fix. A good insurance cover will protect your interests as well, which is why it’s important to choose a company with comprehensive insurance. You can ask the cleaning service to provide a copy of the documentation before you hire them because most companies will be perfectly willing to hand them over.
  • References – While window cleaning services aren’t very expensive, they’ll still be a waste of money if the job isn’t done well. You should ask companies on your shortlist to provide references and recommendations from previous clients. Be sure to follow up those references and speak with previous and existing clients about the quality of the company’s services. Many clients don’t follow up on references, and hire inefficient companies to clean their windows.
  • Trustworthy, Polite, and Courteous – You give window cleaners access to your property and pay them money to do a good job. As a client, you deserve to be treated with friendly courtesy so don’t hesitate to judge the cleaners on their behaviour towards you. If they’re friendly, polite, and helpful, you’ve hired a good company. If they don’t respond well or treat you with discourtesy, you need to look elsewhere because you won’t be able to comfortably hire them on a long term basis.
  • Respect for Your Property – Cleaners don’t just need to treat you with respect, they need to treat your property with respect as well. Always hire people who look after your property as you would look after it yourself. They should respect your possessions and privacy, and keep their attention focused on their job.

We offer reasonably priced, high-quality window cleaning services here at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. If you want a free quote for our services, just call 1300 090 914 or fill in this contact us form.

How Your Strata Property Can Benefit from Regular Window Cleaning

When you own or manage a strata property, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that all the common spaces on your property are well maintained and clean at all times. However, you also look for solutions that will be of a high quality and cost-effective too. Windows are a very important feature of any structure and modern buildings tend to have a significant amount ‘of glass on them.

The benefits of window cleaning

While the glass adds to the attractiveness of the structure and brings in a lot of natural light into the indoor spaces, these smooth surfaces can also get dirty over a period of time. Dust can gather on them and if they aren’t cleaned well on a regular basis, you will notice streaks on them. Not only does this hamper the view of those within the building, but it also impacts the overall look of the property. This is why it’s important to get these elements cleaned by Strata Window Cleaning professionals on a regular basis; and you can benefit in a number of ways:

  • Reduces allergens & harmful mould
  • Allows more natural light to come into your premises and helps reduce electricity bills
  • Our pure water cleaning can reduce the damage to your glass features that can result from hard water staining
  • Gives your premises a well-maintained look and there is no residue left on the glass

Aspects to look for while hiring window cleaners

When you start looking for a company that can provide these services, there are a number of aspects you should be looking for, such as:

  • The company should be able to handle jobs of various scales
  • They should be willing to provide services at your convenience and on the day/s you need them
  • Insured and licensed company
  • Reputed and experienced operators
  • Use of latest technology like waterfed poles etc in the work, as this adds to their efficiency
  • Very strong safety record

We at Shimmer Glass Cleaning are a leading operator in this space and have the knowledge, skill, experience and knowhow to handle any type of strata window cleaning job to your 100% satisfaction. We are licensed and insured, follow all safety measures in our work and use the latest window cleaning technology too.

All our processes are aligned to customer needs and are the perfect combination of communication and planning. The job will be carried out with the least amount of disruption to the daily on-goings on your property. We understand that our customers may want strata window cleaning done at any time of the day and we provide 24/7 services, to meet your requirements.

If you want high grade Strata Window Cleaning solutions, contact the experts at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. The number to call is- 1300 090 914. You can also ask for an online quote via this form. You will receive a response within 60 minutes of your online request. You can get more information about our services via our website. Check out our reviews on Facebook.

The Importance of Regular Residential Window Cleaning

When you own or manage any commercial property, you know that you want it to be well-maintained and looking clean at all times. In fact, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is one of the topmost priorities for commercial property owners because to a large extent, the reputation of their businesses depends on this factor as well. Nobody would want to work or do business with companies or patronise stores that seem unkempt or ill-maintained.

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Chemical Free Cleaning

At Shimmer Glass Cleaning being environmentally responsible is one of our greatest priorities and we make all our decisions with the environment in mind. Essentially this is not only a win for the world and our environment but also for our customers. As we know that so many of you are also environmentally conscious we wanted to provide you with a list of our recommended natural cleaning products. They are so easy to make and often you already have the ingredients in your cupboards at home. Really the hardest thing is finding some cute little bottles to use and making their labels!
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Shimmer Glass cleaning the Glass at the Botanic Gardens Biome

Every now and again we are requested to clean the glass of something a little out of the ordinary and the Sydney Botanic Gardens Biome Greenhouse is a good example of this. With its gigantic proportions and curved glass, it was quite a feat to reach every pane and yet by the time we were finished the iconic Sydney structure was glimmering in the sun ready for its many future visitors.
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The Environment Is A Top Priority For Shimmer

Shimmer Glass Cleaning are focused on preserving the environment for the good of generations to come and this means acting responsibly when carrying out our window cleaning and high pressure cleaning work across Greater Sydney.

We do not use any harsh chemicals and in fact using our pure water water-fed pole system we do not use any chemicals at all as the filtration system removes all of the impurities from the water and allows us to leave the glass sparkling clean and it will stay cleaner for longer as no soap residue is left on the glass which attracts pollen and dust particles.

When working with a squeegee and mop we use a gentle detergent that has been tested on the environment to ensure no impact once disposed off down the drain.

Our systems use a very low level of water and we always ensure that there is adequate run off into the surrounding gardens to ensure no water is wasted.

Call Shimmer today to get an obligation free quote. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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What to Look for When Choosing Professional Window Cleaners

If you do not want to clean your own windows, you are in luck. Shimmer Glass Cleaning are the Professional Window Cleaners in Sydney.

You will be able to have the sparkling clean windows you want to have when you want to have them. You just need to know what to look for in the best Window Cleaning Services Sydney has to offer.

Window Cleaners with a Good Reputation

It is highly important that the Window Cleaning Sydney company you hire has a good reputation like Shimmer Glass Cleaning. If the former clients write positive reviews and testimonials about the professional window cleaning services Sydney clients will be able to determine whether they will give you a value for money service! This will ensure you will get a trustworthy service like that is offered by Shimmer Glass Cleaning, Sydney’s best window cleaners.

Professional Equipment

Another key element to getting the best domestic window cleaning Sydney has to offer is to make sure that you are hiring a company with the right cleaning equipment. It is easy to hire the company with the best equipment for house window cleaning Sydney – just call Shimmer Glass Cleaning. They have done the research and have the best window cleaning equipment in the world! A good squeegee and mop is important but there is so much more involved to ensuring a professional service. If you are living in a taller building, you will need specialty height access equipment.

Shimmer Glass Cleaning are certainly renown for having the most professional window cleaners across the Sydney metropolitan area. To access your high windows the professional window cleaners will have to reach high enough with a water fed pole or scissor lift/boom or be able to drop down from anchor points on the roof to the window to clean it.

Shimmer Glass Cleaning can help you with this. Call Shimmer today to discuss your job on 1300 090 914! They’ll be more than happy to help!


Get the Clean Glass You Are Looking For

Cleaning glass can be tedious and time consuming. This is especially true whenever you are living in an apartment or flat. You do not want to risk going out on a ledge to clean your windows!!!

Why not contact Shimmer Glass Cleaning to discuss your window cleaning requirements? You won’t believe it but our long waterfed poles will clean up to seven stories without leaving the ground.

This is the safest and most cost effective method! !

Cleaning Made Easy with 100% Pure Water 

When looking to get the cleanest windows, you should look for the water fed pole window cleaning. This is because the windows will stay cleaner longer without any detergent used. The reason why this is so important for domestic window cleaning Sydney is because when it dries the detergent will leave a fine film on the panes and believe it or not will get dirty again quicker! So, cleaning without the detergent with Pure Water will provide you with cleaner windows.

Cleaning High Up Safely

Traditional window cleaners risk their lives and do a painfully slow job using ladders and squeegees. This ends up costing you much more because it is so time consuming not to mention dangerous! If you are looking for something more than just the traditional house window cleaning Sydney offers, you may want to look into technologically advanced window cleaning companies that can clean windows high up without even leaving the ground.

Through the use of a telescopic pole, it is possible to reach as high as six stories. This means that the worker can stay on the ground even while cleaning windows that are 6 stories up. This not only provides you with windows that are cleaned faster, but also offers you a savings. Without having to use a lot of safety equipment for safety, you will be charged less.

If you need to go higher than six stories offcourse Shimmer Glass Cleaning also offer abseiling services. Call them now for a chat and an obligation free quote fast 1300 090 914. We can’t wait to hear from you!

How to clean hard to reach windows

You may have noticed that many new homes built today are boasting large floor to ceiling windows.

Especially in rooms outfitted with cathedral ceilings, these windows give both light and warmth to a room. Handsome as they are, the owners of these picturesque windows soon discover one drawback to their high-ceilinged décor, and that is cleaning them.

Cleaning these windows have many scratching their heads.

Step ladders are just not high enough, and getting down and moving the ladder an inch or two in each direction makes for more work than the actual cleaning.

So, what to do?

The answer is luckily readily available, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Call Shimmer Window Cleaners 1300 090 914

Using a professional window cleaner provides you with many benefits:

1. Saves money on buying expensive equipment.

2. Saves time and frees you up to do more important things

3. Saftey – cleaning high windows can be a dangerous venture

4. Guarantee – We guarantee our work


How Water Fed Pole Cleaning Works?

A long flexible pole up to 47ft is connected to the tap via a filtration system. Water flows from the tap through the filter and its five stage filtration system and a de-ionizing polishing resin removes all traces of minerals and TDS (total dissolved solids).

The water is pumped through the pole to a brush and the operator can then clean the glass by agitating the brush against the window cleaning the frames first and then the panes. Purified water is used for two reasons it dries naturally without leaving unsightly spots over the glass, and it acts as a solvent obviating the need for chemicals or detergents. No Squeegee necessary!

How can it be as good a clean when you don’t use a squeegee to dry the glass afterwards?

It’s the impurities in tap water which leave spots and streaks on your glass. Using 100% purified water means your glass dries spot and streak free.

See the world through Shimmer Glass! Call us for a free quote on 1300 090 914 or use our contact form