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How Do Retirement Village Facility’s Window and Pressure Cleaning Requirements Differ from General Commercial Buildings?

Retirement Village Window Cleaning

As the property services department for an aged care facility, your role in finding various contractors is not an easy problem to resolve. While your facility has the same structure as many buildings, your residents have requirements and sensitives unique to the aged care industry. Understanding the differences is key to ensuring a smooth process with all stakeholder’s needs being met effectively and with the least impact on residents and management.

Aged care facilities are a specialised environment

An aged care facility requires meticulous cleaning throughout. Deep cleaning has never been more necessary than right now. Some of our most vulnerable members of society reside in these facilities.

An aged care facility requires the same cleaning standards expected in a hospital. You can find the Health Department guidelines for cleaning residential care facilities here. Many residents receive medical treatment in an aged care facility like a hospital.

Residential care facilities can also be the final resting place for residents receiving palliative care and maybe in the last years or months of their lives. 

Providing an unobtrusive service that is friendly, quiet, respectful, and detailed is key to ensuring everyone is happy with the service provided.

Building trusting relationships

Building an ongoing trust relationship between the individual residents of an aged care facility and the management team of each site is paramount to maintaining rigorous standards. Your contractor must develop relationships with the residents based on respect and trust.

The residents may have recently left their permanent home for several reasons, but they usually need extra support or medical care. For some residents moving into a care facility can be a massive upheaval. Your visit could cause anxiety, and contractors need to be sensitive to this possibility.

If a resident is unhappy, this can cause unnecessary stress, primarily for the resident and the facility’s management team. Hence, it is essential to keep each individual happy throughout the cleaning process.

Shimmer Window and Pressure cleaning follow a four-pillar methodology always to provide a safe, professional, environmental, and efficient service.

Communication and sensitivity

Communication between management teams and residents of aged care facilities is key to all aspects of the Shimmer methodology. When scheduling work, we will always be prompt and prepared by ensuring professionalism and efficiency.

We will never turn up unannounced. A window cleaner scheduled visit can significantly disrupt an elderly resident. Being disrupted by external window cleaning can be frightening and make the resident feel their privacy has been invaded.

According to the Australian Government, Aged Care Database, just over half of the people in residential care facilities has dementia. Abrupt changes to the environment can cause confusion and disorientation to the resident. A forewarned manager can remove residents from the area for the duration of the clean.

Internal and external cleaning of windows can involve moving plants, furniture, and personal belongings. The residents must be allowed to decide when and how you move their valuables. Your contractor should also ensure that everything is put back how it was found.

Shimmer Window and Pressure Cleaning believe in continuous improvement and will always ask for and act on any feedback at the point of cleaning. Our contractors are sensitive to the needs of the residents and management team. We aim to please all stakeholders.

Attention to detail

Your window and pressure cleaning contractor should recognise the requirements that retirement villages and aged care facilities must maintain accreditation to ensure residents are safe and well cared for. 15% of Australians are now over 65, so it’s vital for our aging population that these facilities are maintained immaculately.

Shimmer’s four-pillar methodology of safe, professional, environmental, and efficient will ensure that we always clean to required standards. When we visit your facility, we will conduct a full audit following the regulations and ensure that the site is immaculate.

Working with the management team in an aged care facility

Aged care managers, like building managers, have high-pressure jobs. An aged care manager oversees the care program for residents and leads a team of aged care employees. While ensuring the delivery of high-quality care, they also supervise nursing and other care staff to meet legislative requirements.

Developing a good relationship with the aged care facility manager is vital. The manager is the first person a resident will approach if they are not happy about something. Your window cleaning contractors mustn’t be a source for complaints. Dealing with complaints about an outside contractor should not be one of those jobs out of all the necessary jobs a manager performs during the day.

When an aged care facility manager receives complaints, so will the property services department. As the property services department, you are inundated with vital tasks and don’t need to be dealing with unnecessary complaints.

Shimmer’s four-pillar approach is designed to ensure that managers can do the important job of running a facility while we carry out the vital job of keeping it clean.

General commercial premises

As you can see, the aged care facility is a specialised environment that requires contractor sensitivity and building relationships for the partnership to work.

Cleaning commercial facilities require contractor sensitivity and trust relationships to be formed. Shimmer has provided Anglicare window and pressure cleaning services for 12 years as their preferred supplier. Our professional team have had extensive experience cleaning all their sites in Sydney twice a year, and our team are trained extensively in the sensitivities of this environment.

Whether Shimmer is cleaning aged care facilities, strata buildings, commercial or residential premises, our four-pillar methodology will ensure that the windows and exterior of the buildings will be left immaculate across all sites.

We recognise that each site has individual requirements. No two aged care facilities or commercial buildings are the same.

If you are looking for contractors who are Safe, Professional, Environmental, and Efficient, let Shimmer design a site-wide strategy for your aged care facilities and commercial properties today. Contact our friendly office staff to organise an onsite visit and obligation-free quote.

Please call us on 1300090914, email us at or click on our contact us form, and our sales manager will be in touch to discuss your site strategy.


How to Achieve Immaculate Facilities across All Your Sites within Three Months

Pressure and Window Cleaning

Managing multi-site facilities is challenging, even for the most experienced property services department. Sometimes it is not easy to source reliable and professional contractors who can make a difference to your premises and keep your stakeholders happy.

However, it’s also very rewarding so that when you find the right contractors you can have such a dramatic impact on your organisation. Your management can impact how the stakeholders feel when entering your sites, purchasing your products and effectively impact the bottom line of the organisation.

Why are immaculate facilities important?

We all know that feeling when we walk into a high-end business’s premises. Whether it be The Apple Store, The Crown Hotel, David Jones, or Anglicare they all have one thing in common – Immaculate Facilities. They ooze cleanliness, from the floor to the glass to the building and even the smell. When it’s done well, it’s so unnoticeable that we take it for granted and yet the cleanliness and appearance of the premises has a dramatic impact on the way we feel about the quality of the product or service.

As a property services manager, you have so many competing responsibilities and demanding stakeholders and the appearance of your sites is just one aspect of the many balls you juggle. And yet by selecting the right contractors who perform beyond your expectation you can have this direct impact on the bottom line of the organisation by presenting Immaculate Facilities.

When your facilities are immaculate, you present a professional image to your customers from the outside of the building and inside should they enter. You set the tone for a high-end product and experience.

Signs you have immaculate facilities:

  • The exterior of the building is well maintained, free of debris, moss, pollution, and dirt
  • Your windows are sparkling clean with no streaks, spots, or smears
  • Paths and walking areas are clean
  • The exterior walls are free from stains and dirt
  • Window frames and sills are clean
  • You feel like you are stepping into a high-end establishment

If you are taking shortcuts by using inexperienced contractors who are not completing work to a high standard, you may be harming the organisations you work so hard for or creating more stress for yourself to manage inferior contractors.

Signs your current contractors are performing poorly:

  • Your sites are selecting and managing their own contractors and aren’t making the most of site-wide planning and cost-efficiency
  • Inferior cleaning equipment is doing an inadequate job
  • You have employed your cleaners to take on the window and building cleaning, but the results seem substandard and inefficient
  • Poor quality results
  • Windows with streaks and spots
  • Deteriorating building exteriors
  • Inexperienced technicians who could damage your facilities
  • Contractors failing to turn up when they say they will
  • Too much of your time is spent managing technicians and the cleaning process

If you identify with any of the points above it might be time to engage a new glass and pressure cleaning company. Award-winning, Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning are experienced in commercial and strata window and pressure cleaning across New South Wales and excel in delivering an overall plan to multi-site facilities.

What steps are involved in the process?

Shimmer contractors will provide you with a safe, professional, environmental, and efficient glass and pressure cleaning service. Our four-pillar methodology ensures that the job is done correctly the first time putting us ahead of other glass and pressure cleaning contractors.

Shimmer’s four-pillar methodology


Shimmer use the latest in glass cleaning technology. Our pure water-fed poles are one of the safest ways to clean multi-storey windows. We can clean up to six stories without leaving the ground. If we cannot clean glass with the poles, we use rope access (abseiling) or access equipment such as boom lifts, scissor lifts or building maintenance units. Stringent OH&S policies ensure that we are 100% safe for our cleaners, the public and your buildings. We are ISO 45001 certified in Occupational Health and Safety.


At Shimmer, we pride ourselves on being exceptional at every stage of the cleaning process. Professionalism is at the core of everything we do. Unlike many cleaning and window cleaning companies we only employ experienced window and pressure cleaners. You will find our experienced and professionally trained employees efficient and trustworthy. We strive to be a superior company that delivers what we promise, setting us apart and building trust.


Shimmer have completed Environmental Management system certification – ISO 14001. This certification ensures that our processes are ecologically sound and do not damage our environment. Our water-fed glass cleaning poles use only pure water to clean, delivering exceptional results.


Our company is ISO 9001 certified in Quality Management systems. We build quality and efficiency into everything we do. Using the water fed poles means that we can complete work much faster than rope access technicians. The nature of the poles also means there is no need to enter strata or office buildings or intrude on residents’ privacy

Our pressure cleaning methods will clean your buildings to protect them from pathogens, toxins, and future damage. Taking advantage of our multi-site planned maintenance schedules drives greater efficiencies to impact your bottom line directly.

What will your involvement be?

We aim to make your part in the process as minimal as possible. Once you have contacted our office, our sales manager will arrange for one of our professionals to visit each of your facilities to understand the scope according to your requirements, to make any recommendations that they believe would enhance your facilities.

When you meet our technicians on-site for the initial meeting please provide:

  • Site requirements
  • Information about any tenants onsite
  • Tap access at each site

Following a site visit, our professionals will prepare a quote and site-wide management plan. Upon acceptance of the quotation, we will book your first site clean, and you will receive automatic arrival tracking and job completion notifications throughout the process.

Following the job, we will send safety, quality, and environmental compliance reports via email following the completion of the job.

After each job we will perform a total quality management control check to note any issues that were resolved onsite, timings and methods used, and these will be documented so that we continually improve on our services year after year and ensure any knowledge is kept regardless of which technicians attend the following year.

We will recommend and agree on a site-wide schedule moving forward. Rescheduling will happen automatically for the life of the contract.

Limiting your involvement means you can better utilise your valuable time to further benefit your company and stakeholders.

What are the qualities of a Shimmer contractor?

When hiring a company to clean your building exterior, you want to know that the people who take on the work are experienced and professional.

We only employ experienced technicians

Unlike many cleaning and window and pressure cleaning companies, Shimmer only employs experienced technicians. Window and Pressure Cleaning is a highly skilled position that requires years of experience to achieve a perfect result every time. Shimmer technicians have up to twenty years of experience cleaning glass and pressure cleaning. We are all-access window cleaners, available 24/7 and clean windows at any height. Our technicians are trained to operate water-fed poles, elevated work platforms, scaffolding, ladders, and industrial ropes.

Shimmer staff are highly trained

At Shimmer, our staff are highly trained in-house to operate our equipment, provide an exceptional service every time and carry out the job in a safe, efficient, professional, and environmental manner.

Access is never a problem when cleaning windows other cleaners cannot reach. Our 100% safety record is a testament to our training and experience.

Our pressure cleaning technicians are skilled to remove pollution, moss and dirt, and toxic pathogens from the exterior of buildings

Shimmer technicians are always professional

Our staff take pride in their work. They will:

  • Always aim to arrive on time, or call if they are running late
  • Leave the site looking tidy and clean
  • Guarantee your windows to be spot and streak-free
  • Identify themselves upon arrival and greet you by name

Shimmer contractors provide an exceptional service every time

Shimmer was the recipient of Window Cleaning Company of the Year – Greater Sydney recently at the Australian Enterprise Awards. This award demonstrates the dedication to delivering a high-quality glass and pressure cleaning service that is safe, professional, environmental, and efficient.

A Shimmer technician will always go above and beyond to ensure that the job is done right the first time. With high profile clients such as Westfield, Anglicare and Novotel, Shimmer is a reputable and exceptional company in every way.

If you would like to achieve immaculate facilities across multiple strata or commercial premises with the guarantee of excellence, contact our professional team to arrange a site visit and an obligation-free quote. We can present you with our best price and a site-wide strategy for your valuable assets to achieve immaculate facilities today!

lease send an email to call us on 1300 090 914 or fill out our Contact Us form and our Sales Manager will be in contact with you right away.


How Often Should Windows Be Professionally Cleaned?

window cleaning

Although windows are an old technology, glass windows did not become prevalent in homes, especially in England until the 17th century. Previously, gaps in the walls were covered with items like paper and flattened animal horns. Since then, windows have evolved a long way down over the years!

Even though windows are a lot more useful and functional these days, you still need to take proper care of them. This ensures their functional value and longevity, along with the visual appeal.

Why do you need to clean your windows regularly?

Everyone wants a clean view from the windows, whether at home or work. If you own or manage a retail establishment, clean windows are even more necessary because they are actually the window to your establishment! Potential clients do not love peering in through filthy windows to check out what you have on the offering.

For certain firms, such as car dealerships, the appearance of your commercial establishment defines the brand image. You need to have shiny and bright windows throughout the year. Cleaning your windows on a regular basis is a key to demonstrate the stature of your business.

Now, you might be wondering how often you need to clean your windows. Of course, you would be looking for experts for window cleaning near me. Check out the tips below for a comprehensive idea.

How often should the windows be cleaned?

You need to get your windows cleaned twice a year on average, while screens should be cleaned once a year. Residential window cleaning is typically a once-a-year duty.

The window cleaning frequency, on the other hand, is highly dependent on your home’s location. If you reside in a rural region close to farm fields, the dust and dirt churned up during the harvesting season is high. This would require you to clean your windows and screens more frequently.

For commercial window cleaning, it is recommended to hire experts frequently. Retail establishments and restaurants need to hire professionals at least once a month. Commercial windows are more likely to collect dust and grime, as well as handprint smudges. Customers must not notice unclean windows when sitting and dining, so a restaurant must have its windows cleaned twice a month. Commercial buildings or offices, on the other hand, should have their windows cleaned twice a year.

Benefits of getting your windows cleaned by professionals

Window washing is best left to the experts who specialize in it. Hiring professionals can deliver several benefits to the property owner. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • There is no need to gather cleaning supplies.
  • It will save time, as you can leave the work to the specialists and relax.
  • Established service providers use cleaning products of professional quality.
  • Professionals have proper equipment to reach even the tallest windows, making the task safer.

Keeping your house or business windows clean is vital for several reasons. It not only makes your home or business look cleaner, brighter, and more inviting, but it also extends the life of your windows. As replacing your windows can burn a hole in your pocket, reducing wear and tear through frequent cleanings would be much more cost-effective.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Wash Windows?

Window Washing Sydney

Window washing, often known as window cleaning, happens to be a painstaking task while you maintain the beauty of your home. You might be wondering about the best time to clean your windows, as the seasons keep changing. Having your windows professionally cleaned is a smart idea at any time. Spring is popularly called the ‘cleaning season’ for a reason. During spring, pollen and tree sap collect on windows, forming a sticky coating on the glass that can be unpleasant. Hiring professional window cleaners, therefore, would be a good idea during this time.

What is the best temperature for washing windows?

You must first understand how temperature and weather affect window washing Sydney before deciding on a schedule. Very hot temperatures aren’t ideal for window washing since the washing solution evaporates quickly on the glass. This makes the job potentially difficult, besides resulting in streaks or water spots. You wouldn’t want to wash your windows when the sun is straight overhead for the same reason.

While washing windows, it’s advisable to proceed when the temperature is between 64 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, choose a day that isn’t too hot. For many people, this means a day in the fall or spring, or early morning on a cooler summer day.

How cold is too cold to wash windows?

Many people believe it is impossible to wash windows in the winter, but this is not the case. Of course, residents of Sydney and other warm parts of the country need not worry about frigid weather while washing their windows.

Even at colder temperatures, you can have brilliant glass if you use car cleaning fluid, which doesn’t freeze. You’ll also want to pick a cloudy day, when the fluid doesn’t dry up too rapidly and produce streaks. Finally, gloves will protect your hands from the cold and the cleaning chemical.

Other considerations for window washing

Apart from the season, the timing of window washing Sydney task depends on several aspects.

  • Upcoming events: If you have a large event coming up, you might want to make sure your house is in proper shape. In case you’re hosting a wedding, throwing a huge party, selling your home and want to have an open house, remember to plan the cleaning a few days ahead of time.
  • Location of your home: If you live near a busy street or highway, you may need to clean more frequently. If you live near an open field, you might want to have your windows cleaned in the summer to get rid of any pollen that accumulates on your windows.
  • Professional expertise: Hiring professional window washers would be a good idea. Although you have the DIY option, experience has no substitute. This is how you can benefit from their professional edge.
  • Availability of equipment: Professional window washers carry adequate tools and deliver a technical edge. Besides, they come with different cleaning alternatives and instruments to remove caked-on filth.
  • Elimination of injury risk: Washing windows using a ladder can be rather dangerous. Professionals are licensed, and come with the necessary safety equipment and insurance to safeguard you and your property.

Get a quotation from your nearest window washers if you’re missing your shimmering windows. Reputed window cleaners around can handle the task with expertise.

Commercial Window Cleaning Benefits For Your Business

Office Window Cleaning

As an industry professional, you would surely agree that the first impression is a lasting impression. So, you can easily appreciate how important it is for any business to have an imposing storefront or facility. In this regard, you can avail of the services of commercial window cleaners who offer prime solutions for sprucing up your company’s appeal.

These commercial window cleaning professionals, who have the right set of tools and skills, work efficiently to make your windows appear notably sharp, clean-cut, clear and smear-free. However, the only advantage is not on the aesthetic front. Below are five other benefits that you, as an entrepreneur or manager should watch out for – these benefits make it clear why investing in Commercial window washing for your business may be a worthwhile decision.

It fosters good health

Whether you believe in God or not is a different question, but you would surely agree that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Thus, you do not need to be told that a clean office is naturally a healthy one. By systematically removing the dust and dirt that accumulate on glass panes from time to time, you protect your employees from asthma or allergies. Reputed Commercial window cleaning services can help you get the best service done.

Indoor air quality or IAQ is an important determinant of employee health. IAQ measures the impact of inside air on an individual’s health, ability to work and comfort. The health risk posed by indoor contaminants that bring down the IAQ is mitigated in one way by clean windows.

It fosters productivity

There’s no doubt that there will be DIY enthusiasts in your office. But if you give them the task of window cleaning, you take them off their primary responsibilities, making them less productive. So if you hire Office window cleaning, it will allow your employees to keep on working on their main tasks without having to bother about stained windows.

It fosters safety

Commercial window washing company have trained professionals who own the equipment necessary to carry out the cleaning safely and efficiently. They have the knowledge required to prepare an area properly for the task, for example, safeguards against accidents like falls from ladders, breaking of glass panes, etc. Asking your employees to do the cleaning on their own may expose them to these dangers as they don’t have the required knowledge to protect themselves.

A positive impression is created

As already stated, the first thing a customer cannot fail to notice about an office space is its appearance. And appearances do leave a mark in the world of business. The way your office operates is reflected in its degree of cleanliness – a sloppy facility does not speak well for your business practices. Clean and clear windows exude an air of neatness, sophistication and class. This can leave a positive and lasting impression on your client’s mind.

Shows proper maintenance

A leased business facility needs to meet certain lease requirements, one of which is proper maintenance of the premises. A professional window cleaner helps you abide by these lease requirements.


How Do Professional Window Cleaners Wash Windows?

Cleaning Windows

While Professional window washers carry out their job to perfection, you will be pleased to know that the tools and methods they use are not at all complex. From what is given below you can get to know how to clean windows like a pro.

The cleaning tools used by a Professional window cleaner include squeegees, a plastic rectangular bucket of around 5-gallon capacity, scrubbers, hand dish-washing liquid, a ladder, lint-free rags or small towels, and warm water. Squeegees are loaded with stable rubber blades that should be changed daily.


Fill the bucket with 2 gallons of warm water and add a teaspoon of dish-washing liquid. If the weather is warm, cool water does the job well.

Step one

The first step of the best way to clean windows is to use a premium quality window cleaning solution or liquid detergent for dishwashing. Add a little amount of this window cleaning solution to the scrubber and rub it in. Immerse the scrubber into the solution in the bucket and drain out the extra water from the scrubber.

Step two

You should first use a wet terry cloth rag to wipe the outer window frame clean. Then start scrubbing the glass, working from all angles so that the edges are reached and dirt and dust are removed. Use a swirling motion and cover the whole surface.

You should then use a rubber squeegee to wipe the window glass dry using horizontal strokes, though vertical strokes are also effective. If horizontal strokes are used, the squeegee should be held at a thirty-degree angle to the glass. If you are working vertically, the angle should be such that excess water flows to the dirty parts of the window. The scouring pad of the sponge should be good enough to remove stubborn dirt from the window.

Step three

Now you need to make a starting strip. Hold the squeegee in such a slanted way that just one corner touches the glass. Then, go to the top corner of the glass and wipe a thin strip of the window on one side starting with the top and ending at the bottom.

Step four

Hold down the squeegee blade against the top corner of the glass and wipe it steadily across the window.

Step five

At this point, you need to clean the rubber blade. You can wipe the blade clean using a terrycloth rag or clean towel, or wipe it across the scrubber to remove any excess water and dirt following each pass.

Step six

It’s time to start Cleaning windows again by using the top of the squeegee. While doing this, the last stroke should be overlapped. Maneuver the squeegee across the window using an angle that makes excess water come down. You should repeat this step after wiping out.

Step seven

You now need to wipe up the excess water accumulated on the bottom edge of the window with a cleaning rag. Then, for removing leftover suds, you can use a separate lint-free rag and drag it along the window perimeter. Finally, wipe down for the last time using a dirt-free area of the lint-free rag to remove any streaks that may have been left behind. A microfiber towel can also be used.

Looking to hire a professional window cleaner? Then check out this article: The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner


The Significant Role of Professional Strata Window Cleaning Service

When it comes down to strata high rise window cleaning services, people have a notion that this particular service is the same any place. Nevertheless, this is not the case. Strata high-rise window cleaning is a kind of service that stands apart from the rest. That is simply because it is a site that requires specific hardware, expertise, as well as tools. The dangers are more substantial with this service. As such, if you want to employ a high-rise window cleaning professional, it is smart to hire a proper professional along with the essential expertise and hardware.

The Proper Equipment

The major reason you should employ a specialist to completely clean your windows, particularly on a high-rise building is getting accessibility to the suitable hardware. With this particular service, you need a lot more than merely a couple of cloths as well as a bottle of cleaning remedy. Though, a big part of the cleaning goods and equipment you will apply on a high-rise window cleaning job will be the exact same to your other window cleanup task. Generally there are those some forms of equipment that are supposed directly for high-rise window cleaning tasks. These types of equipment are commonly those applied to assist the competent workers to attain all windows. To completely clean the window, the skilled specialist will be needing day to day window cleaning tools such as a container, cleaning remedy, squeegee, window mops, couple of rags, as well as others. Nevertheless, they will also require equipment like grains, winches, sturdy cables, extension poles, and so forth

The Importance of Hiring a Pro

A specialist service company or window cleaning service is supposed to have workforce who are properly certified and discover how to function all equipment. Due to the fact that they go through safety classes, they learn how to avoid possibilities of disasters in the future. Otherwise, if one who will not understand how to operate the equipment or conform to basic safety standards, they are relying their lives in peril apart from providing a fantastic window cleaning service.

Regardless of safety, there is an additional advantage to looking for the services of a specialist. A specialist service provider is likely to provide much better services and effects. This means that, the pro is going to get all the windows clean, giving each windows that wonderful and shining appearance. No matter if it is an office building or just about any other sort of tower block building, vibrant and dazzling windows do make a big distinction.

Another reason to engage a specialist is their capacity to do the job faster. The fact is that  most high-rise buildings have at least a dozen of windows. Cleaning those windows can be challenging for one individual. For this particular reason, a good window cleaning service offers competent crew to deliver as rapidly as possible. For that reason, no matter how big the job is; a good provider can deliver right on time.

Expert window cleaning services incorporate value despite the kind to build it is being carried out. However one thing is obvious; you need professional service when it comes to strata high rise window cleaning. Dealing with high rise, it is not good enough to get a window clean and shining, but want to have the proper equipment and employ safety precautions.

If you are a strata manager or on a strata committee we know you have a big responsibility to deliver cost-effective and quality services to your strata plan. Shimmer Glass Cleaning want to partner with you to ensure your residents are 100% happy. Call us on 1300 090 914


Choosing The  Most Suitable Type of Window Film

Window film is a rather great layer of laminate that can be added to glass surfaces in houses as well as structures. The majority window film offers a polyester or vinyl base, using a coating this is resilient to scratches. Window film can be used inside or outside. It stops radiant temperature flow, lessens glare, reduces energy bills, as well as provides better comfort. Window film is very efficient in homes with older windows that don’t block heat effectively. There are many different types of window films that offer assorted benefits. Many window films are manufactured to help keep out heat. Others can colour windows for privateness or make a window more powerful and avoid it from breaking.

Types of window film

The variety of window film you decide will depend on mostly on your area, your way of living, and your personal tastes.

  • UV window film decreases cooling and heating costs; obstructs most UV rays and around 75 proportion of solar temperature; reduces glare.
  • Decorative window film is just like stained glass. It obstructs the majority of ays and offers privacy benefits.
  • Privacy film avoids you from being able to see in from outside; may showcase a frosted or reflective surface; for sale in varying amounts of darkness.
  • If you need a film that is very sturdy, try security film. Security film provides enhanced burst resistance and keeps glass fragments set up if the window is cracked. Security film gives windows more strength to greatly help counter shattering.It will also help drive back burglars; particularly practical if you are now living in a climate that encounters intense storms as well as natural disasters.
  • For windows manufactured of anything except that glass, seek out film which includes adhesion containing multiple surfaces.
  • Some films were created for use to bent surfaces, that will be perfect for circular or concave windows

The Application procedure

  • Combine soap and water into a spray bottle
  • Use the liquid on top of the window and the 
  • Place the film to the window and then clip on the edge
  • The additional space will enable the glass to contract and become bigger
  • Make use of squeegee to remove any bubble when the film is applied .
  • Leave it dry


Cleaning is a crucial section of making sure window film maintains its efficiency as time passes. Utilise a smooth towel a mild cleaning remedy. Utilise a smooth towel a mild cleaning remedy. Keep in mind, window film provides a cheap option to decrease glare, reduce energy bills, as well as manage higher privacy.. Many window films are produced to stop Ultraviolet rays and keep away heat. Others can tint windows for privacy or create a window more powerful and avoid it from cracking.

You may be convinced that you have the knack to completely clean your home’s windows effective enough but there are a lot of benefits to getting your windows cleaned by experts. Having a professional window cleaning company will assist you to truly save your time, any issues around your windows can be revealed and resolved, they will certainly allow you to dealing with those tough to reach windows and clean those annoying substances, along side your windows will often be cleaner longer If you are in need of a specialist window cleaning, turn to the trusted professionals at Shimmer Glass Cleaning.

Summer is Coming! We Have Your Windows Covered!

Enjoy your summer at the Northern Beaches and say hello to clean windows! Summer is coming, and that means fun, fun, and more fun! Northern Beaches is the perfect place to spend your summer. If you live or planning to go to the Northern Beaches, you know what will be going on down there. This beautiful coastal suburb in Sydney is a popular destination because of its white sandy beaches, light blue water, and amazing soothing waves. From Palm Beach to Whale Beach, you can never run out of options to which beach to go. Summer is one of those seasons where having fun should be your priority instead of work, problems, cleaning, etc. It’s a shame to have to spend your summer cleaning your home, instead of having fun at the beach. Shimmer Glass Cleaning is here to help you with your window cleaning needs.

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Strata Window Cleaning In North Shore!

The North Shore is considered as the primary residential area for the large metropolitan area of Sydney. The North Shore is a combination of beautiful natural spots and tall buildings that make up a part of the metropolitan area of Sydney. Considering the number of commercial buildings and residential properties in that area, it is essential to hire professional window cleaners for your window cleaning needs. Continue reading