Do I only need to clean my windows when they look dirty?

As a homeowner you spend a significant amount of time and effort on ensuring that all the features, elements and spaces on your property are maintained well, and you dedicate a number of hours getting all these areas cleaned. However, most people aren’t very enthusiastic about cleaning the windows and glass doors on their property and there are some distinct reasons for this such as:

  • The property may have too much glass on the exteriors and it may become very time-consuming to ensure that every window pane is clean at all times
  • Some window installations can be very high up on the structure of your home or they may be positioned in  very difficult-to-reach spots and you may not be able to access them very easily without special ladders and equipment
  • You may not be confident about doing the job yourself as you find it unsafe

While these are very common reasons for not cleaning windows on a regular basis, many people also feel their windows are looking fairly clean and they defer the task. In fact, it’s not uncommon for window cleaning to be ignored for years on end, only because they don’t seem to be dusty or dirty.  Here are some facts that will help you realise why it is important to get Residential Window Cleaning done even when your windows are looking dirty.

  • While glass panes seem very smooth, if you view them under a microscope, you will see that these surfaces are rough and that’s where the calcium deposits from hard water, dust, debris, road salt and smudges get lodged.
  • If you fail to get your windows cleaned regularly, it will eventually start looking tired and weathered; at times, you may also notice water spotting on it. All these factors affect the glass’ integrity
  • Most glass window panes provide R-value; this means they have insulating properties and add to the energy-efficiency of your property. However, if you have dirty windows, that impacts the R-value negatively and reduces the energy-efficiency of the glass.

Regular window cleaning is important

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why it becomes important to keep your glass windows clean at all times. While you may feel that your glass windows are very clean, that might not actually be the case. If you defer getting your windows cleaned, for a very long time, you will find that it becomes very difficult to bring the installations back to their former condition; and you may have to spend a lot of money to get the panes replaced.

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