Does Shimmer Glass Cleaning Use Harsh Chemicals to Clean the Windows?

Window cleaning may seem like a simple enough job, but the fact is that it’s a highly specialised one that should be left to the experts like the ones at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. In addition to the fact that we have the expertise, experience and the resources to clean windows on residential and commercial properties, we also use the latest window cleaning technology in our work. Many property owners wonder whether it’s a good idea to hire professionals for the job.

The general belief is that they will use harsh chemicals in the work. However, this isn’t the case with us. We are highly focused on providing only the best solutions to our customers. This is why we use advanced pure water-fed systems in our glass cleaning projects. So what exactly is this technology and how does it benefit you? Well, take a look:

About pure water technology

Pure water technology involves turning regular tap water into pure and contamination-free water. This becomes a very powerful and effective cleaning agent. We use it along with a very mild liquid detergent to give you glass panes that are spotlessly clean and streak-free. Ordinary tap water contains a number of impurities and these can cause streaking and spotting on your windows.

In comparison, the de-ionisation system that’s part of the water-fed pole system gives 99.99% pure water; this water is extremely effective in drying out any spots or streaks and no squeegees are required for cleaning the windows. Take a look at the various benefits of using pure water technology for commercial and Residential Window Cleaning:

  • When windows are cleaned with chemicals and harsh cleaning agents, these leave a very thin film on the surfaces, which tend to attract pollution dust and particulates. When pure water is used to clean glass windows there is no film left behind and your windows stay clean for longer.
  • Harsh chemicals are detrimental to the environment. In comparison, pure water technology is environment-friendly as no toxic chemicals are used in the work. Apart from this, it also means there will be no damage to lawns, plantings and other features on your property.
  • Safety is one of the most notable benefits of using this technology for window cleaning. Since water-fed poles are used when pure water technology is used, we can clean window panes that are as high up as 60 feet. It eliminates the need for any type of lifts, scaffolding or ladders, which increases the safety aspect.

As you can see, there are a range of benefits to using pure water technology for window cleaning. For high-grade, customised residential or commercial window cleaning, simply call the experts at Shimmer Glass Cleaning at this number- 1300 090 914.  You can request for an online quote through this form.  You will receive a response within 60 minutes of your online request.  You can get more information about our services via our website.  Check out our reviews on Facebook.