How Does Pure Water, Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning Work?

If you tell people you intend to clean windows with just pure water without the assistance of soap and chemicals, they’ll naturally be sceptical. However, this technique does work and it’s quick, effective, and has a lower risk of injury. Several window cleaning companies have started to offer this service and clients are curious about it. Here’s a brief explanation of the process and how it works.

What is Pure Water?

This is the key ingredient in the cleaning process because waterfed pole and soap-free cleaning wouldn’t work without pure water. This isn’t the same drinking water available in taps. Pure water is liquid that’s free of any Total Dissolved Solids and is deionised through a special purification process. It’s not free of bacteria and germs, but rather free of metals and minerals.

Usually, rain water is pure, especially in regions with less pollution. The pure water has a tendency to bind with minerals, organic material, and dirt and take these impurities with it. If you pour pure water on a dirty or dusty surface, it’ll be completely clean after the liquid flows off it.

How Does Waterfed Pole Work?

  • The waterfed pole system makes window cleaning much easier and quicker.
  • Cleaners don’t have to climb ladders to reach high windows. The pole can extend to a considerable distance so the cleaners can stand on the ground and clean windows that are two, even three stories high.
  • The pole transports pure water to a specialised brush at the tip that releases the water against the window pane.
  • The pure water agitates the dirt and grime collected on the surface of the window and loosens it enough for the brush to scrub it away.
  • Pure water will break the bond between dirt and glass and a simple rinse will remove dirty water from the surface without any stains or watermarks.


This method of cleaning windows is very effective but it’s not an all-in-one solution. If your window has oily residue and grease on it, just pure water won’t be able to handle the problem and we’ll have to use soap and brush to clean the panes more effectively. However, if you clean the windows regularly with the waterfed pole system, grease and grime won’t accumulate on the glass in the first place. This is a very cost-effective and quick way to keep your windows clean; so you should get it done regularly.

It’s also important to hire the right cleaner for the waterfed pole cleaning process. Some amateurs don’t know how to move the pole, and they leave behind water stains and dirt on the window pane. This process requires a specific technique and considerable skill so you need to hire a cleaner with experience in this field, We offer reasonably priced, high-quality window cleaning services here at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. If you want a free quote for our services, just call 1300 090 914 or fill in this contact us form.


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