How Important Is Safety When Cleaning Windows Via Rope Access?

Window cleaning through rope access or abseiling isn’t for the faint hearted. This task requires cleaners to scale high-rise buildings, trust their gear, and still clean all windows thoroughly and efficiently. Window cleaning through rope access requires a lot of planning, set-up, and time, but the end result is much more thorough and long-lasting. At Shimmer Glass Cleaning, we have a trained and well-equipped team that can easily handle window cleaning through rope access and follow all established safety standards.

How Important Is Safety When Cleaning Windows Via Rope Access?

The Challenges 

There’s always some risk involved in abseiling and our window cleaners are well aware of it. Even with the best equipment and highest safety standards, accidents can happen and cause injuries. Here are some of the challenges window cleaners regularly face:

  • Gear Malfunction – All gear is well-maintained and checked regularly. Our window cleaners carefully examine every section of the robe and harness to ensure it’s in good condition before they use it on the job site. 
  • High Wind Speeds – Abseiling is only recommended for smaller buildings. Skyscrapers and other such buildings are equipped with a cradle in most cases so our window cleaners don’t need to risk their safety. But wind can be a problem, especially in upper floors. Our window cleaners generally know how to assess the conditions during the cleaning process and decide whether they should carry on with the job as planned. 
  • Accidents and Mistakes – Even well-trained professionals can make mistakes, which can lead to accidents. There’s always a risk that the window cleaner will lose their grip or footing and slip. Usually the safety gear locks into place to ensure the cleaner doesn’t fall but that doesn’t mean these incidences don’t cause injuries. 

What Are the Safety Precautions? 

It’s important to hire an experienced professional to handle all window cleaning jobs because they are careful and take all the necessary precautions. We’re a licensed and insured company so your interests are protected when you hire us. We take all necessary safety precautions before we start cleaning the windows and this includes:

  • Thoroughly checking the gear to ensure it’s in good condition.
  • Making sure the gear is anchored correctly abseiling anchors. Most modern buildings have these anchors.
  • We make sure the building carries out regular inspections and maintenance of these anchors before we allow our cleaners to use them.
  • We follow all health and safety regulations laid down by the authorities.

Our window cleaners are certified at levels 1,2, and 3. There’s always a level 3 certified cleaner present on sight to oversee the window cleaning process. This ensures our IRATA qualified cleaners follow the right procedures and don’t make mistakes that would place their lives at risk.

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