I Live Beside the Ocean. Is it Important to Clean my Windows More Often?

It’s a pleasure to live in an oceanfront house or on a property very close to the sea and many people make a conscious decision to live near a beach. While there is a distinct charm to living on a property that’s close to the ocean, maintenance of various features can become quite a challenge; one of the most notable ones being window cleaning!!

How salt build up impacts glass windows

Any property owner that has a home beside the ocean will tell you what a nightmare that can be. The ocean breezes tend to carry the moist and salty air across long distances. Eventually you notice there is a build-up of salt on the window panes and there are a number of downsides to it, such as:

  • Mars the look of the exterior of your property
  • Hampers the view from the indoor areas
  • Affects the energy-efficiency of the glass
  • Makes the glass very cloudy and it erodes the surface
  • Not only do the glass panes deteriorate, but the frames get impacted too and this affects the integrity of the installation.
  • Salt settles on the glass in a crystalline form- this means you would have to scrub away the spots that show up on the windows. However, it’s important that the right kind of cleaning agents be used in the work and this isn’t a job you should leave to novices. Frequent window cleaning reduces the impact of salty buildup on your windows; however, using the wrong techniques can affect the glass.

How frequently should you clean your windows?

It’s never a pleasant experience to have dirty and dreary windows as they obstruct natural light from streaming into the indoor spaces and you are unable to enjoy the outdoor view.  This is exactly why you make it a point clean your windows regularly. However, when it comes to homes beside the ocean, just a bi-annual or quarterly window DIY cleaning may not do the trick. Depending on your proximity to the ocean and the direction of the breeze etc., there may be less or more salt and moisture build-up on your windows.

The best way to judge when to clean your windows is to run a paper towel over the exterior of the panes every fortnight. If you find that a thin film of salt and dirt gets wiped off from the window pane, it’s a good idea to clean the windows without delay. Salt can have a corrosive action and can affect the surface of the windows.

High grade window cleaning

While it’s not necessary to call in professional window cleaners every fortnight, you should consider getting your windows cleaned from Residential Window Cleaning experts like the ones at Shimmer Glass Cleaning on a quarterly basis. We are one of the leading operators in this space and use the latest window cleaning technology in our projects. We provide customised solutions based on your specific requirements and ensure that we maintain very reasonable pricing. Getting your ocean-front home’s windows cleaned frequently helps maintain their integrity and you will save a significant amount of money on replacements.


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