Shimmer Glass cleaning the Glass at the Botanic Gardens Biome

Every now and again we are requested to clean the glass of something a little out of the ordinary and the Sydney Botanic Gardens Biome Greenhouse is a good example of this. With its gigantic proportions and curved glass, it was quite a feat to reach every pane and yet by the time we were finished the iconic Sydney structure was glimmering in the sun ready for its many future visitors.


We were consulted by the original architects on what would be the safest window cleaning methods to use and from the very beginning it was extremely exciting to be involved in such a grand project for the Sydney Botanic Gardens. We made suggestions on how to build the greenhouse that kept its aesthetic appeal and yet would make it a safe workplace for the contractors engaged in completing the window cleaning. Safety is our primary focus when window cleaning off any building whether it be in Sydney or anywhere else.

Of course we have professional equipment that allows us to clean up to six stories without leaving the ground using our pure water waterfed poles and certainly these poles allowed us to complete the job leaving the glass spot-free and streak-free. All in all the result was spectacular, the glass was shining and the project manager was pleased with the job. It was wonderful to be involved in such a special project.

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