So you think you can clean windows?

Window Cleaning

Shimmer explains what it takes to become a professional window cleaner

Many people think that window cleaning can be performed easily by anybody and is an unskilled job like cleaning. In fact, this isn’t true. Window cleaning is a very highly skilled career that is developed over time through rigorous training and practice.

Many people think that just because they clean their own windows that they can work in a professional window cleaning company. You buy a commercial window cleaning product, apply it to the glass, wipe it, then it’s clean. But professional window cleaning is about so much more than just mopping and squeegeeing!


Sure, you might have cleaned your windows before, but there’s a difference between cleaning your house windows over a whole weekend than cleaning a retirement village 4000 windows in a couple of days. It takes great skill and technique to clean several hundred windows each day and repeat this every day for the whole week. You need to be able to finish these windows in a timely manner to complete the work to the timeframe allocated.


Aside from working fast, accuracy is likewise essential. What does it matter if you squeegee 200 windows when all of them have water dripping down them? Would the top retirement villages in the country be satisfied with streaky glass? A professional window cleaner cleans the window, the frames, the tracks and ensures it’s completed in a spot-free, streak-free manner. At Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning our professional window cleaners are trained to deliver outstanding results for every customer.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Knowing the customer and knowing how to resolve their concerns is as much a part of window cleaning and pressure cleaning as carrying out the job itself. A good professional window cleaner knows how to clean your windows, but a great one knows how to assess what a customer needs when the situation calls for it. From the get-go, the customer must be informed of what the job will entail and any potential hurdles when they book the job.

Problem Solving

Difficult access, lack of taps, low pressure, obstacles, films, timing issues, tough stains, adhesive residue, paint and many other problems are a regular occurrence for professional window cleaners. When you work for Sydney’s leading window cleaning company, Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning, you’re trained to overcome these many challenges. This also means your glass, frames and property are protected. At Shimmer, we only employ professional window cleaners and pressure cleaners across Sydney to ensure that when these difficulties are faced, they are resolved quickly and easily. It’s in these situations that the difference between a professional and an amateur become obvious. A professional experienced window cleaner cuts through the work with ease in the face of these difficulties.


To be a professional window cleaner, a person must undergo training to know the different techniques that work best for a specific job. It takes time before someone can actually go out on the field unsupervised. This is to ensure that a technician has the aforementioned skills before face a client. Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning, one of the leading window cleaning companies, for example, has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and employs technicians with 2-20 years of window cleaning and pressure cleaning experience.


Professional window cleaning is a tough job. It takes hours of rigorous training in order to achieve the speed and accuracy required to finish every job. You must have the ability to communicate the problem to the customer and provide them with a solution specific to their problem. Once you find a trusted window cleaning company, you can never go wrong. You’ll always have someone you can trust cleaning your windows that deliver exceptional results.



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Thank you guys for doing a fantastic job once again! You always get the job done fast and leave no mess behind. It was such a joy to come home to my sparkling windows today. I can’t think you enough.

Gemma Carrington, Cammeray

Shimmer glass always do a fantastic job for me and provide really great service! Highly recommended.

Alexia Gazzo, Bondi

Shimmer indeed! We were so impressed with the professionalism of all staff, and what a fabulous job they did. We have a penthouse 5th floor apartment with four balconies and 5 huge sliding doors. Can't say enough. We will be repeat customers.

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