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Shimmer can reach places other window cleaners can’t.

Shimmer Glass Cleaning’s is not your average glass and window cleaning business.

We specialise in our ability to reach five stories with carbon-fibre telescopic poles without leaving the ground which sets us apart from other glass and window cleaning businesses.

This special equipment involves a filtration system which de-ionizes the water to remove impurities.

This ensures the windows dry spot and streak free.

Our equipment allows us to access difficult to reach areas, without having to use cherry pickers or ropes, reaching heights of up to 16 metres or 5 stories, which ultimately is safer and more cost effective!

There are a lot of cheap imitations of this equipment on the market.

We have researched and invested in the world’s best! Our brushes and poles will not damage your building or windows. We guarantee it!

We’d be happy to arrange a test demonstration for you!

Just use our contact form or telephone: 1300 090 914

Abseiling (up to 36 Stories)

Our abseilers are specialists in their fields cleaning windows of buildings up to 36 stories.

They are accredited and deliver safe skilled solutions across the property sector.

Services include window cleaning, anchor point installation and testing, high pressure cleaning, building maintenance, banner and sign installation, height safety systems and more. Their meticulous approach and attention to detail sets them apart in this industry.