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How Often Should We Clean Our Windows?

This is a question we often get asked at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. The frequency required for window cleaning depends on a number of factors:

Your own personal preference

Some people just prefer to have their windows cleaned more often as they enjoy being able to enjoy their view and surroundings while others like to prepare their home or business for a special event such as a party or an inspection.

Proximity to busy roads / construction / ocean

Silt, sand and dust can cause your windows, frames and building to deteriorate over time so if you live close to any of these things we recommend cleaning your windows quarterly

Protecting your house or building

We recommend as an absolute minimum that you give your prized asset a thorough wash down at least once a year. The air pollution will over time eat away at your property and paint and window insurers make it a regulation to clean annually in order to maintain your warranties for this very reason.

Making a good first impression

If you are somebody that prides themself on their appearance then taking care of your glass and building is no exception. If your business is in a high traffic area or you have lots of visitors to your home then a more regular clean is appropriate. Shimmer Glass Cleaning offers discounted rates for locking in regular window cleans and building washes.

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