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The Benefits Of Regular Window 

Have you ever cleaned your windows by yourself and then become frustrated with the streaks left behind? Then it is time you hired the services of a professional window cleaner. Shimmer Glass cleaning provides you the opportunity to enjoy looking out of your spotless windows. Continue reading

How To Clean Hard To Reach Windows

You may have noticed that many new homes built today are boasting large floor to ceiling windows. Especially in rooms outfitted with cathedral ceilings, these windows give both light and warmth to a room. Handsome as they are, the owners of these picturesque windows soon discover one drawback to their high-ceilinged décor, and that is cleaning them. Continue reading

Shimmer Can Reach Places Other Window Cleaners Cant

Shimmer Glass Cleaning’s is not your average glass and window cleaning business. We specialise in our ability to reach five stories with carbon-fibre telescopic poles without leaving the ground which sets us apart from other glass and window cleaning businesses. Continue reading