The Environment Is A Top Priority For Shimmer

Shimmer Glass Cleaning are focused on preserving the environment for the good of generations to come and this means acting responsibly when carrying out our window cleaning and high pressure cleaning work across Greater Sydney.

We do not use any harsh chemicals and in fact using our pure water water-fed pole system we do not use any chemicals at all as the filtration system removes all of the impurities from the water and allows us to leave the glass sparkling clean and it will stay cleaner for longer as no soap residue is left on the glass which attracts pollen and dust particles.

When working with a squeegee and mop we use a gentle detergent that has been tested on the environment to ensure no impact once disposed off down the drain.

Our systems use a very low level of water and we always ensure that there is adequate run off into the surrounding gardens to ensure no water is wasted.

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