What is hard water staining? Can it be removed?

If you have ever had to deal with removing hard water stains, you must know exactly how difficult it can be to get rid of them. Liquid soap won’t do the trick; in fact you will find that once you are done with cleaning the glass, the liquid will have left a lot of discolouration and stains behind. Cleaning hard water stains from glass windows and doors can be a humungous task.

Many people that try to turn this into a DIY project realise how futile their efforts are. In fact, there are times when the harsh chemicals they use damage the surface of the glass to such a point where replacement of the glass is the only option left to them. This means they end up spending a significant amount of money on fixing the hard water stain problem.

What exactly is hard water staining?

Glass needs to be cleaned with regularity; failing to do so can result in a build-up of chemicals and minerals like calcium. This particular condition could be a caused by various reasons such as:

  • Over-spray from sprinkler systems
  • Improper chemical application
  • Leaching- run-off from the architectural design of the structure
  • Previous stain removal attempts

Most people aren’t aware that glass has a porous surface and the calcium and other deposits get firmly wedged into these pores; if these deposits aren’t cleaned on time, it ends up discolouring the glass permanently. Hard water stains could appear either as milky streaking or as spots on the surface of the glass. We at Shimmer Glass Cleaning have the expertise to handle hard water stain removal and have handled these projects for commercial and residential customers across the region.

The cleaning process

The process involves cleaning the glass thoroughly with special cleaning agents; in some situations polishing or grinding the glass is the only way to get rid of the stains. While this process is effective, it can be extremely time-consuming and labour-intensive. This also means you spend a significant amount of money on getting this work done. The one way to avoid this problem and the related trouble and expense, is to opt for regular, professional window cleaning services. This is important for both, residential as well as commercial properties

Today, most structures have a lot of glass features, like windows, doors and entire building facades made of glass.  If you want your building or home to look good from the outside and want clear views from inside, it’s important to ensure that your windows are maintained well. We provide excellent window glass cleaning services and customised solutions after discussing your requirements in detail.

Typically, it is recommended that you get all the glass windows cleaned on your property at least every six months. If you notice that the surfaces are looking too dirty or if you notice any hard water staining on them, call us without delay. We will come over to your location and ensure that the problem is tackled in an expert manner.

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