Why Residential Window Cleaning Should Be a Vital Part of Property Maintenance

If you look around, you will notice that most homes have a lot of glass features such as windows and doors made of glass. These features add a stunning and modern appearance to the structure. Apart from that, they lend a lot of openness to the place and bring in a lot of natural light too.  Having large windows is a definite value addition to your property and they also allow you to enjoy the view and greenery of the outdoor spaces on your property.

All of this sounds very attractive, but every homeowner will tell you that maintaining glass isn’t an easy task.  While it’s possible for them to clean the smaller windows, getting the dirt and grime off of the larger windows or the ones that are out-of-reach, can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task. In fact, if you try to clean window panes that are far out of reach, that can prove to be very dangerous as well. With all these things in view, it far better to hire the services of an experienced window cleaning company like Shimmer Glass Cleaning   to handle the job for you.

We are one of the leading residential window cleaning companies in Sydney and can handle jobs of any scale and complexity. Regardless of whether you need just a few windows cleaned or all the windows in your home sparkling clean, we are the company for you. We provide tailor-made solutions and ensure that the quote we provide is based on aspects such as the position and size and number of windows to be cleaned.

Benefits of professional window cleaning

This means you pay only for the services you have requested for.  You also have the option to choose from a one-time window cleaning service or a contract for a longer period of time, based on your requirements. Many people wonder whether it’s really necessary to opt for professional window cleaning services. Take a look at the benefits of getting your Residential Window Cleaning done from professionals like us:

  • Not many people are aware that even smooth-looking glass surfaces have very miniature peaks and valleys (when they are viewed under a microscope). These rough surfaces are ones that attract smudges, calcium deposits, pollen, debris and dirt. When you hire expert window cleaners like us for the job, we use high grade and effective cleaning agents and techniques to get the glass sparkling clean and smudge and streak-free
  • Glass that isn’t cleaned will eventually start looking water-spotted and weathered and this impacts the integrity of glass over time. When you get the glass cleaned, it helps maintain the integrity of the glass panes
  • Most current window installations are made using energy-efficient glass; this is called the R-value of the glass. When dirt or debris gets accumulated on the glass, it has an adverse effect on this R-value which reduces the energy-efficiency of the installation. This can easily be avoided by getting the glass cleaned on a regular basis.

Shimmer Glass Cleaning can provide you excellent, customized Residential Window Cleaning services. Contact us on this number – or 1300 090 914 or ask for an online quote through this form.  You will receive a response within 60 minutes of your online request.  You can get more information about our services via our website.  Check out our reviews on Facebook.


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Thank you guys for doing a fantastic job once again! You always get the job done fast and leave no mess behind. It was such a joy to come home to my sparkling windows today. I can’t think you enough.

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Shimmer glass always do a fantastic job for me and provide really great service! Highly recommended.

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Shimmer indeed! We were so impressed with the professionalism of all staff, and what a fabulous job they did. We have a penthouse 5th floor apartment with four balconies and 5 huge sliding doors. Can't say enough. We will be repeat customers.

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