Window cleaning in Liverpool

July 22, 2015
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High Grade Window cleaning in Liverpool

Even if your windows look all spruced up after you have spent the day tackling the dirt off them, chances are, they’re probably not. You would never think of having the frames and tracks done along with the glass; you would most likely concentrate of getting only the glass clean. At Shimmer Glass Cleaning, we employ the best, getting every kind of glass or mirror, done to the best of our ability. Window cleaning in Liverpool today reaches places that you will not get to, and do a great job too, that is a 100% guarantee we give you.

Shimmer all the way!

When there is a window cleaning in Liverpool that needs looking after, you can rely on us to tackle any job big or small. We have state-of-art equipment, and waterfed poles that get to those hard to reach areas. Every bit of dirt, dust and fungi that has stayed on your glass or mirror is now a thing of the past. Our teams consist of highly trained personnel; they pay attention to every little detail, and will leave your windows nice and shimmering.

Time is money

When you get your window cleaning in Liverpool done by us, you will not have to worry about how well the job is being done; we get it right the first time. We will give you a quick quote, free from obligation to hire us for the job. That is our guarantee to you, your windows will be squeaky and shimmering after we are done. Our prices are competitive too

We clean everything

We have a long list of happy clients, who are happy to refer future customers to us. If you hire professionals for window cleaning in Liverpool you leave yourself with more time to do the other jobs that need your attention. We use:

  • Environment friendly products
  • High pressure cleaning for concrete surfaces
  • Water fed pole window cleaning
  • High pressure to clean entrance ways
  • Soft pressure in cleaning homes
  • Line of Expertise

    We don’t just show our expertise in windows and mirrors. We can also handle your pool glass, shower screens and all hard to reach windows too. Our expertise takes us to a large variety of commercial and residential windows that need sprucing up. Window cleaning in Liverpool is not just cleaning with us. We also look after bird spikes, do high dusting, pressure cleaning of driveways, façades, tackling surfaces with water, at high pressure and low pressure; these are among the other services that we offer. We clean:

  • Hospital exteriors
  • Skylights
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Glass walkways
  • Glass lifts
  • Shopping centre glass facades
  • When you hire Shimmer Glass Cleaning, you get the best most reliable and professional services. Our team works 24/7 and our customers are all happy. You can Contact us today or call 1300 090 914 and ask for a free quote. When you hire our services, you are assured of high quality services at the best possible rates.