Window Cleaning in Penrith

January 11, 2016
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Penrith has a lot of residential and commercial buildings and many of these are high rises too. The one common feature that is very evident is that the current day structures have a lot of glass- you can see expansive glass facades, large French windows and doors that are made of glass etc. Though all this makes the buildings look very elegant and attractive the fact is that glass needs regular maintenance.

Window cleaning is a specialised job

If you are a commercial property owner you probably have internal housekeeping staff- however, they don’t have the equipment, skill or know how to clean these large glass windows from the outside of the building. In the case of high rises, this can be quite dangerous too. Residential property owners have the same problem and they can’t really manage to dedicate so much of time and effort to the regular cleaning of windows in their home.

It’s best to hire the services of a company that would be able to provide you with Window Cleaning in Penrith solutions. Shimmer Glass Cleaning is a very reputed company in the field and we cater to commercial and residential customers. We use the latest technology and equipment in our work and ensure that you get value for money every time you hire our services. Customers opt for our solutions because of a number of reasons:

  • Highly experienced in this industry
  • Custom Solutions
  • We provide 24/7 services
  • Reasonably-priced services
  • Highly-trained & insured technicians
  • Very careful project management
  • Only use environmentally-friendly & non-toxic cleaning agents
  • Focus on 100% customer satisfaction
  • Obligation-free quote
  • Our company is OH&S compliant
  • We are registered with Trades Monitor
  • Member of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation
  • Provide pressure cleaning services as well
  • Pressure cleaning is important

    Just as you like the windows on your home or commercial structure to be sparkling clean and streak-free at all times, you also want to be assured that all the landscaped and outdoor areas on your property are well-maintained at all times. Keeping this requirement in view, we also provide excellent pressure cleaning solutions and clean:

  • Walkways & roofs
  • Storefronts
  • Business parks
  • Shopping malls, high rises
  • retail store facades
  • Strata blocks
  • Car parks and driveways
  • Skylights etc
  • High grade Window Cleaning in Penrith solutions

    We have a large number of repeat customers who opt for our window cleaning as well as pressure cleaning solutions. They know that with us tackling the job, the work will be carried out to the highest quality standards.

    For more information about our services for Window Cleaning in Penrith call Shimmer Glass Cleaning on this number- 1300 090 914 or simply use this contact us form to send us your queries. We are very quick with our response and will revert within 20 minutes. Once you have told us what your requirements are, we can provide you a quote within 24 hours. You have the option to contact us through email too.