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How Your Strata Property Can Benefit from Regular Window Cleaning

When you own or manage a strata property, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that all the common spaces on your property are well maintained and clean at all times. However, you also look for solutions that will be of a high quality and cost-effective too. Windows are a very important feature of any structure and modern buildings tend to have a significant amount ‘of glass on them.

The benefits of window cleaning

While the glass adds to the attractiveness of the structure and brings in a lot of natural light into the indoor spaces, these smooth surfaces can also get dirty over a period of time. Dust can gather on them and if they aren’t cleaned well on a regular basis, you will notice streaks on them. Not only does this hamper the view of those within the building, but it also impacts the overall look of the property. This is why it’s important to get these elements cleaned by Strata Window Cleaning professionals on a regular basis; and you can benefit in a number of ways:

  • Reduces allergens & harmful mould
  • Allows more natural light to come into your premises and helps reduce electricity bills
  • Our pure water cleaning can reduce the damage to your glass features that can result from hard water staining
  • Gives your premises a well-maintained look and there is no residue left on the glass

Aspects to look for while hiring window cleaners

When you start looking for a company that can provide these services, there are a number of aspects you should be looking for, such as:

  • The company should be able to handle jobs of various scales
  • They should be willing to provide services at your convenience and on the day/s you need them
  • Insured and licensed company
  • Reputed and experienced operators
  • Use of latest technology like waterfed poles etc in the work, as this adds to their efficiency
  • Very strong safety record

We at Shimmer Glass Cleaning are a leading operator in this space and have the knowledge, skill, experience and knowhow to handle any type of strata window cleaning job to your 100% satisfaction. We are licensed and insured, follow all safety measures in our work and use the latest window cleaning technology too.

All our processes are aligned to customer needs and are the perfect combination of communication and planning. The job will be carried out with the least amount of disruption to the daily on-goings on your property. We understand that our customers may want strata window cleaning done at any time of the day and we provide 24/7 services, to meet your requirements.

If you want high grade Strata Window Cleaning solutions, contact the experts at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. The number to call is- 1300 090 914. You can also ask for an online quote via this form. You will receive a response within 60 minutes of your online request. You can get more information about our services via our website. Check out our reviews on Facebook.

The Importance of Regular Residential Window Cleaning

When you own or manage any commercial property, you know that you want it to be well-maintained and looking clean at all times. In fact, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is one of the topmost priorities for commercial property owners because to a large extent, the reputation of their businesses depends on this factor as well. Nobody would want to work or do business with companies or patronise stores that seem unkempt or ill-maintained.

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