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What Is the Best Time of Year to Wash Windows?

Window Washing Sydney

Window washing, often known as window cleaning, happens to be a painstaking task while you maintain the beauty of your home. You might be wondering about the best time to clean your windows, as the seasons keep changing. Having your windows professionally cleaned is a smart idea at any time. Spring is popularly called the ‘cleaning season’ for a reason. During spring, pollen and tree sap collect on windows, forming a sticky coating on the glass that can be unpleasant. Hiring professional window cleaners, therefore, would be a good idea during this time.

What is the best temperature for washing windows?

You must first understand how temperature and weather affect window washing Sydney before deciding on a schedule. Very hot temperatures aren’t ideal for window washing since the washing solution evaporates quickly on the glass. This makes the job potentially difficult, besides resulting in streaks or water spots. You wouldn’t want to wash your windows when the sun is straight overhead for the same reason.

While washing windows, it’s advisable to proceed when the temperature is between 64 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, choose a day that isn’t too hot. For many people, this means a day in the fall or spring, or early morning on a cooler summer day.

How cold is too cold to wash windows?

Many people believe it is impossible to wash windows in the winter, but this is not the case. Of course, residents of Sydney and other warm parts of the country need not worry about frigid weather while washing their windows.

Even at colder temperatures, you can have brilliant glass if you use car cleaning fluid, which doesn’t freeze. You’ll also want to pick a cloudy day, when the fluid doesn’t dry up too rapidly and produce streaks. Finally, gloves will protect your hands from the cold and the cleaning chemical.

Other considerations for window washing

Apart from the season, the timing of window washing Sydney task depends on several aspects.

  • Upcoming events: If you have a large event coming up, you might want to make sure your house is in proper shape. In case you’re hosting a wedding, throwing a huge party, selling your home and want to have an open house, remember to plan the cleaning a few days ahead of time.
  • Location of your home: If you live near a busy street or highway, you may need to clean more frequently. If you live near an open field, you might want to have your windows cleaned in the summer to get rid of any pollen that accumulates on your windows.
  • Professional expertise: Hiring professional window washers would be a good idea. Although you have the DIY option, experience has no substitute. This is how you can benefit from their professional edge.
  • Availability of equipment: Professional window washers carry adequate tools and deliver a technical edge. Besides, they come with different cleaning alternatives and instruments to remove caked-on filth.
  • Elimination of injury risk: Washing windows using a ladder can be rather dangerous. Professionals are licensed, and come with the necessary safety equipment and insurance to safeguard you and your property.

Get a quotation from your nearest window washers if you’re missing your shimmering windows. Reputed window cleaners around can handle the task with expertise.