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How to Achieve Immaculate Facilities across All Your Sites within Three Months

Pressure and Window Cleaning

Managing multi-site facilities is challenging, even for the most experienced property services department. Sometimes it is not easy to source reliable and professional contractors who can make a difference to your premises and keep your stakeholders happy.

However, it’s also very rewarding so that when you find the right contractors you can have such a dramatic impact on your organisation. Your management can impact how the stakeholders feel when entering your sites, purchasing your products and effectively impact the bottom line of the organisation.

Why are immaculate facilities important?

We all know that feeling when we walk into a high-end business’s premises. Whether it be The Apple Store, The Crown Hotel, David Jones, or Anglicare they all have one thing in common – Immaculate Facilities. They ooze cleanliness, from the floor to the glass to the building and even the smell. When it’s done well, it’s so unnoticeable that we take it for granted and yet the cleanliness and appearance of the premises has a dramatic impact on the way we feel about the quality of the product or service.

As a property services manager, you have so many competing responsibilities and demanding stakeholders and the appearance of your sites is just one aspect of the many balls you juggle. And yet by selecting the right contractors who perform beyond your expectation you can have this direct impact on the bottom line of the organisation by presenting Immaculate Facilities.

When your facilities are immaculate, you present a professional image to your customers from the outside of the building and inside should they enter. You set the tone for a high-end product and experience.

Signs you have immaculate facilities:

  • The exterior of the building is well maintained, free of debris, moss, pollution, and dirt
  • Your windows are sparkling clean with no streaks, spots, or smears
  • Paths and walking areas are clean
  • The exterior walls are free from stains and dirt
  • Window frames and sills are clean
  • You feel like you are stepping into a high-end establishment

If you are taking shortcuts by using inexperienced contractors who are not completing work to a high standard, you may be harming the organisations you work so hard for or creating more stress for yourself to manage inferior contractors.

Signs your current contractors are performing poorly:

  • Your sites are selecting and managing their own contractors and aren’t making the most of site-wide planning and cost-efficiency
  • Inferior cleaning equipment is doing an inadequate job
  • You have employed your cleaners to take on the window and building cleaning, but the results seem substandard and inefficient
  • Poor quality results
  • Windows with streaks and spots
  • Deteriorating building exteriors
  • Inexperienced technicians who could damage your facilities
  • Contractors failing to turn up when they say they will
  • Too much of your time is spent managing technicians and the cleaning process

If you identify with any of the points above it might be time to engage a new glass and pressure cleaning company. Award-winning, Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning are experienced in commercial and strata window and pressure cleaning across New South Wales and excel in delivering an overall plan to multi-site facilities.

What steps are involved in the process?

Shimmer contractors will provide you with a safe, professional, environmental, and efficient glass and pressure cleaning service. Our four-pillar methodology ensures that the job is done correctly the first time putting us ahead of other glass and pressure cleaning contractors.

Shimmer’s four-pillar methodology


Shimmer use the latest in glass cleaning technology. Our pure water-fed poles are one of the safest ways to clean multi-storey windows. We can clean up to six stories without leaving the ground. If we cannot clean glass with the poles, we use rope access (abseiling) or access equipment such as boom lifts, scissor lifts or building maintenance units. Stringent OH&S policies ensure that we are 100% safe for our cleaners, the public and your buildings. We are ISO 45001 certified in Occupational Health and Safety.


At Shimmer, we pride ourselves on being exceptional at every stage of the cleaning process. Professionalism is at the core of everything we do. Unlike many cleaning and window cleaning companies we only employ experienced window and pressure cleaners. You will find our experienced and professionally trained employees efficient and trustworthy. We strive to be a superior company that delivers what we promise, setting us apart and building trust.


Shimmer have completed Environmental Management system certification – ISO 14001. This certification ensures that our processes are ecologically sound and do not damage our environment. Our water-fed glass cleaning poles use only pure water to clean, delivering exceptional results.


Our company is ISO 9001 certified in Quality Management systems. We build quality and efficiency into everything we do. Using the water fed poles means that we can complete work much faster than rope access technicians. The nature of the poles also means there is no need to enter strata or office buildings or intrude on residents’ privacy

Our pressure cleaning methods will clean your buildings to protect them from pathogens, toxins, and future damage. Taking advantage of our multi-site planned maintenance schedules drives greater efficiencies to impact your bottom line directly.

What will your involvement be?

We aim to make your part in the process as minimal as possible. Once you have contacted our office, our sales manager will arrange for one of our professionals to visit each of your facilities to understand the scope according to your requirements, to make any recommendations that they believe would enhance your facilities.

When you meet our technicians on-site for the initial meeting please provide:

  • Site requirements
  • Information about any tenants onsite
  • Tap access at each site

Following a site visit, our professionals will prepare a quote and site-wide management plan. Upon acceptance of the quotation, we will book your first site clean, and you will receive automatic arrival tracking and job completion notifications throughout the process.

Following the job, we will send safety, quality, and environmental compliance reports via email following the completion of the job.

After each job we will perform a total quality management control check to note any issues that were resolved onsite, timings and methods used, and these will be documented so that we continually improve on our services year after year and ensure any knowledge is kept regardless of which technicians attend the following year.

We will recommend and agree on a site-wide schedule moving forward. Rescheduling will happen automatically for the life of the contract.

Limiting your involvement means you can better utilise your valuable time to further benefit your company and stakeholders.

What are the qualities of a Shimmer contractor?

When hiring a company to clean your building exterior, you want to know that the people who take on the work are experienced and professional.

We only employ experienced technicians

Unlike many cleaning and window and pressure cleaning companies, Shimmer only employs experienced technicians. Window and Pressure Cleaning is a highly skilled position that requires years of experience to achieve a perfect result every time. Shimmer technicians have up to twenty years of experience cleaning glass and pressure cleaning. We are all-access window cleaners, available 24/7 and clean windows at any height. Our technicians are trained to operate water-fed poles, elevated work platforms, scaffolding, ladders, and industrial ropes.

Shimmer staff are highly trained

At Shimmer, our staff are highly trained in-house to operate our equipment, provide an exceptional service every time and carry out the job in a safe, efficient, professional, and environmental manner.

Access is never a problem when cleaning windows other cleaners cannot reach. Our 100% safety record is a testament to our training and experience.

Our pressure cleaning technicians are skilled to remove pollution, moss and dirt, and toxic pathogens from the exterior of buildings

Shimmer technicians are always professional

Our staff take pride in their work. They will:

  • Always aim to arrive on time, or call if they are running late
  • Leave the site looking tidy and clean
  • Guarantee your windows to be spot and streak-free
  • Identify themselves upon arrival and greet you by name

Shimmer contractors provide an exceptional service every time

Shimmer was the recipient of Window Cleaning Company of the Year – Greater Sydney recently at the Australian Enterprise Awards. This award demonstrates the dedication to delivering a high-quality glass and pressure cleaning service that is safe, professional, environmental, and efficient.

A Shimmer technician will always go above and beyond to ensure that the job is done right the first time. With high profile clients such as Westfield, Anglicare and Novotel, Shimmer is a reputable and exceptional company in every way.

If you would like to achieve immaculate facilities across multiple strata or commercial premises with the guarantee of excellence, contact our professional team to arrange a site visit and an obligation-free quote. We can present you with our best price and a site-wide strategy for your valuable assets to achieve immaculate facilities today!

lease send an email to call us on 1300 090 914 or fill out our Contact Us form and our Sales Manager will be in contact with you right away.