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Which Areas in Sydney do we Service? 

Shimmer Glass Cleaning is one of the leading window cleaning specialists in Sydney. From the time we set up base in 2009, we have moved from strength to strength and provide excellent window cleaning services to residential, commercial as well as strata customers. We handle projects of every scale and complexity and have the skills, certification, licensing, expertise and the resources to provide you consistently high levels of window cleaning services.

We cater to customers in and around Sydney, Inner West, Northern Beaches, Western Sydney, Southern Sydney, Hills District, North Shore as well as the Eastern Suburbs. Whether you want the windows of your individual home or even massive expanses of glass windows on high rise office buildings cleaned, we are the professionals to call. We have the experience to handle every job with dedication and expertise. Our company recognises that every customer has different needs and we make it a point to cater to those needs.

Residential window cleaning in the Sydney Metro area

Regardless of the scale of the job, we go the extra mile and do everything we can to exceed customer expectations. We at Shimmer Glass Cleaning offer a wide variety of cleaning in Sydney services and can expertly and meticulously clean:

  • Window panes
  • Tracks and Frames
  • Houses Internally
  • Houses Externally
  • House Washing
  • Apartments Internally
  • Apartments Externally
  • Townhouses
  • Fence Washing

Other residential cleaning services

In addition, we offer cleaning of Pool Glass, French Windows, Balcony Balustrades, Stained Windows, and Windows with Bars, Lead Light Windows, Glass Lifts and Brick Wall Washing. We are the experts to call when you need High Pressure Cleaning in Sydney. We clean Entrance Ways and handle Driveway Pressure Cleaning jobs; we also clean Shower Screens & Bathroom Mirrors and provide excellent Pole Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing services.

Commercial & strata window cleaning

As mentioned at the start, we cater to commercial and strata customers as well and have handled a large number of projects across the Hills District, Northern Shore and in and around the Sydney Metropolitan area. Some of the services we provide our strata and commercial customers include:

  • High Pressure Cleaning Services
  • BMU Window Cleaning
  • High Wash and Façade Cleaning
  • Skylights and Shop fronts
  • Strata Blocks
  • Shopping Centres
  • Business Parks
  • Lifts and Glass Walkways
  • Glass roofs
  • Universities and Schools
  • Retirement Villages and Apartment Blocks
  • Hotels and Restaurants

Aside from this, we handle Bird Spike installation, Concrete Pressure Cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning, High Dustin, Driveway & Carpark Pressure Cleaning, and can clean all types of Hard to Reach Windows as well.

When you are looking for great window cleaners either for your commercial, strata or residential property in the Sydney Metropolitan areas, you need look no further than Shimmer Glass Cleaning. We are one of the most reputed and well-respected companies in this space and cater to customers across the Sydney Metro area.  For any more information about our services, feel free to call us at this number- 1300 090 914. You can also send us your queries via this online form.

What do we Value Most?

As a window cleaning company of repute, we at Shimmer Glass Cleaning have been operating in a very steadfast and consistent manner in this industry since 2009. We work in a concerted way and provide a consistently high level of services to residential and commercial customers across the Sydney Metro region.

We have built our company on the foundation stones of honesty and hard work and handle projects of every scale and complexity; and there are some things we value the most:

  • Integrity – This is something we never compromise on; we work with the same levels of commitment with all our customers and focus on ensuring that they are 100% satisfied with the services we offer them. We are honest in all our business dealings and transparent in every single interaction we have with customers. We are upfront with providing information and with our pricing structure and that’s how we maintain integrity in all our work.
  • Dedication- This is another value we never deviate from. No matter how big or small the job, or whether it’s a long-term contract or a one-time job, we tackle it with the same levels of dedication and commitment. Our objective is simple; to delight our customers and this is something we ceaselessly work towards.
  • Punctuality– We recognise and value the importance of time- yours and ours as well. Our technicians are trained to be punctual and come in to work at the designated times. They make sure that there is no wastage of time and that every minute is used optimally when they are on a job. You will also find that we respond promptly and go the extra mile when it comes to providing you customer service.
  • Value for money – While we never cut corners in any aspect of our work, you will find we maintain very cost-effective pricing. This means you get value for money every time you hire us for any window cleaning job.

A forward-looking company

Shimmer Glass Cleaning is a company that feels that there is always something new to learn, new technologies and techniques to adopt and we use the most advanced tools and environment-friendly products in our work. This helps us do our bit for the environment and it doesn’t harm the health of our customers either.

We value the fact that we have such a strong customer base that has supported us through thick and thin and trusted us to handle their glass window cleaning jobs.  Our people are our strength and we value them and work as a team on the basis of mutual respect.

When you are looking for great window cleaners either for your commercial or residential property, you need look no further than Shimmer Glass Cleaning. We are one of the most reputed and well-respected companies in this space and cater to customers across the Sydney Metro area.  Every job will be handled with the highest levels of commitment and expertise. For any more information about our services, feel free to call us at this number- 1300 090 914. You can also send us your queries via this online form.

How do we Choose the Right Technician for our Team?

As a window cleaning company that takes its business very seriously, we are very particular when it comes to bringing new team members on board. We have been operating in this space for a number of years and have been providing commercial and residential customers high-grade window cleaning solutions. Over the years, we have also moved from strength to strength and widened our customer base and add new members to our workforce regularly.

Hiring new window cleaning technicians isn’t something we take lightly; when we hire anyone we keep in view the fact that we will be entrusting them the task of working at our client’s properties; and bring them on board only when we are convinced they fit the bill on all counts. Take a look at how we choose the right technician for our team:

  • Behaviour- We believe that our window cleaning technicians must be able to communicate well and interact with others. We are a very customer-centric company that focuses on making our customers feel good about hiring us. It’s why we hire people that are flexible and are able to change plans and directions when a job demands it.
  • Values- Our technicians should understand and abide by our company’s vision and values and should enjoy learning and upgrading their skills; in short, they need to be comfortable with working within our work system.
  • Skills and licensing – The technician we hire should be licensed, reliable and accept personal responsibility for his actions. He should also be able to prioritise and complete tasks that have been allocated to him, within the required timeframes. We also look for people with presence of mind who are able to quickly find solutions when they are faced with hurdles during the course of their work.
  • Listening skills– This may seem like an odd attribute to look for in a window cleaning technician, but we follow very specific work methods and require that any technician that joins our company be able to complete the tasks in line with the industry standards. Only when they listen and pay attention to instructions will they be able to follow them when they are on a window cleaning job.
  • Punctuality– This is something we never compromise on. These employees work in teams and it’s important that every team member be present at the work site on time every day. We are a very professionally run company that likes to ensure our work is completed within the committed timeframe. This can happen only when our technicians are also particular about being punctual.

 In addition to all these aspects, we also look for attributes such as customer focus, honesty, hardworking, team player, professional and clean appearance. They should also be fit and able to climb ladders and not have a fear of heights and more. We have a long list on criteria that we tick meticulously when we are hiring any new window technicians. This ensures the job will be completed to your 100% satisfaction.

For any more information about Shimmer Glass Cleaning’s services, feel free to call us at this number- 1300 090 914. You can also send us your queries via this online form.