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Shimmer Glass Cleaning are the window cleaning specialists for schools

Schools are probably the toughest settings to keep clean on an everyday basis. And yet the overall cleanliness of the educational facility directly reflects the professionalism and level of excellence of your school. Cleanliness is crucial not just for students to have a functional and healthy learning environment, but also so you can make a good impression to the parents of any prospective students. Continue reading

Shimmer Glass Cleaning are the window cleaning specialists for Retirement Villages 

Most modern structures have a large number of glass windows and doors and these help bring in natural light into the indoor spaces; but they do require regular maintenance and cleaning. It doesn’t take time for glass windows to start looking dirty as pollution, smudges, dirt, grit and debris can become adhered to the internal and external surfaces of the windows. Continue reading

I Live Beside the Ocean. Is it Important to Clean my Windows More Often?

It’s a pleasure to live in an oceanfront house or on a property very close to the sea and many people make a conscious decision to live near a beach. While there is a distinct charm to living on a property that’s close to the ocean, maintenance of various features can become quite a challenge; one of the most notable ones being window cleaning!!
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Does Shimmer Glass Cleaning Use Harsh Chemicals to Clean the Windows?

Window cleaning may seem like a simple enough job, but the fact is that it’s a highly specialised one that should be left to the experts like the ones at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. In addition to the fact that we have the expertise, experience and the resources to clean windows on residential and commercial properties, we also use the latest window cleaning technology in our work. Many property owners wonder whether it’s a good idea to hire professionals for the job.
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Do I only need to clean my windows when they look dirty?

As a homeowner you spend a significant amount of time and effort on ensuring that all the features, elements and spaces on your property are maintained well, and you dedicate a number of hours getting all these areas cleaned. However, most people aren’t very enthusiastic about cleaning the windows and glass doors on their property and there are some distinct reasons for this such as:
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What is hard water staining? Can it be removed?

If you have ever had to deal with removing hard water stains, you must know exactly how difficult it can be to get rid of them. Liquid soap won’t do the trick; in fact you will find that once you are done with cleaning the glass, the liquid will have left a lot of discolouration and stains behind. Cleaning hard water stains from glass windows and doors can be a humungous task.
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