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Commercial Window Cleaning Benefits For Your Business

Office Window Cleaning

As an industry professional, you would surely agree that the first impression is a lasting impression. So, you can easily appreciate how important it is for any business to have an imposing storefront or facility. In this regard, you can avail of the services of commercial window cleaners who offer prime solutions for sprucing up your company’s appeal.

These commercial window cleaning professionals, who have the right set of tools and skills, work efficiently to make your windows appear notably sharp, clean-cut, clear and smear-free. However, the only advantage is not on the aesthetic front. Below are five other benefits that you, as an entrepreneur or manager should watch out for – these benefits make it clear why investing in Commercial window washing for your business may be a worthwhile decision.

It fosters good health

Whether you believe in God or not is a different question, but you would surely agree that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Thus, you do not need to be told that a clean office is naturally a healthy one. By systematically removing the dust and dirt that accumulate on glass panes from time to time, you protect your employees from asthma or allergies. Reputed Commercial window cleaning services can help you get the best service done.

Indoor air quality or IAQ is an important determinant of employee health. IAQ measures the impact of inside air on an individual’s health, ability to work and comfort. The health risk posed by indoor contaminants that bring down the IAQ is mitigated in one way by clean windows.

It fosters productivity

There’s no doubt that there will be DIY enthusiasts in your office. But if you give them the task of window cleaning, you take them off their primary responsibilities, making them less productive. So if you hire Office window cleaning, it will allow your employees to keep on working on their main tasks without having to bother about stained windows.

It fosters safety

Commercial window washing company have trained professionals who own the equipment necessary to carry out the cleaning safely and efficiently. They have the knowledge required to prepare an area properly for the task, for example, safeguards against accidents like falls from ladders, breaking of glass panes, etc. Asking your employees to do the cleaning on their own may expose them to these dangers as they don’t have the required knowledge to protect themselves.

A positive impression is created

As already stated, the first thing a customer cannot fail to notice about an office space is its appearance. And appearances do leave a mark in the world of business. The way your office operates is reflected in its degree of cleanliness – a sloppy facility does not speak well for your business practices. Clean and clear windows exude an air of neatness, sophistication and class. This can leave a positive and lasting impression on your client’s mind.

Shows proper maintenance

A leased business facility needs to meet certain lease requirements, one of which is proper maintenance of the premises. A professional window cleaner helps you abide by these lease requirements.


How Do Professional Window Cleaners Wash Windows?

Cleaning Windows

While Professional window washers carry out their job to perfection, you will be pleased to know that the tools and methods they use are not at all complex. From what is given below you can get to know how to clean windows like a pro.

The cleaning tools used by a Professional window cleaner include squeegees, a plastic rectangular bucket of around 5-gallon capacity, scrubbers, hand dish-washing liquid, a ladder, lint-free rags or small towels, and warm water. Squeegees are loaded with stable rubber blades that should be changed daily.


Fill the bucket with 2 gallons of warm water and add a teaspoon of dish-washing liquid. If the weather is warm, cool water does the job well.

Step one

The first step of the best way to clean windows is to use a premium quality window cleaning solution or liquid detergent for dishwashing. Add a little amount of this window cleaning solution to the scrubber and rub it in. Immerse the scrubber into the solution in the bucket and drain out the extra water from the scrubber.

Step two

You should first use a wet terry cloth rag to wipe the outer window frame clean. Then start scrubbing the glass, working from all angles so that the edges are reached and dirt and dust are removed. Use a swirling motion and cover the whole surface.

You should then use a rubber squeegee to wipe the window glass dry using horizontal strokes, though vertical strokes are also effective. If horizontal strokes are used, the squeegee should be held at a thirty-degree angle to the glass. If you are working vertically, the angle should be such that excess water flows to the dirty parts of the window. The scouring pad of the sponge should be good enough to remove stubborn dirt from the window.

Step three

Now you need to make a starting strip. Hold the squeegee in such a slanted way that just one corner touches the glass. Then, go to the top corner of the glass and wipe a thin strip of the window on one side starting with the top and ending at the bottom.

Step four

Hold down the squeegee blade against the top corner of the glass and wipe it steadily across the window.

Step five

At this point, you need to clean the rubber blade. You can wipe the blade clean using a terrycloth rag or clean towel, or wipe it across the scrubber to remove any excess water and dirt following each pass.

Step six

It’s time to start Cleaning windows again by using the top of the squeegee. While doing this, the last stroke should be overlapped. Maneuver the squeegee across the window using an angle that makes excess water come down. You should repeat this step after wiping out.

Step seven

You now need to wipe up the excess water accumulated on the bottom edge of the window with a cleaning rag. Then, for removing leftover suds, you can use a separate lint-free rag and drag it along the window perimeter. Finally, wipe down for the last time using a dirt-free area of the lint-free rag to remove any streaks that may have been left behind. A microfiber towel can also be used.

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