Monthly Archives: July 2016

Chemical Free Cleaning

At Shimmer Glass Cleaning being environmentally responsible is one of our greatest priorities and we make all our decisions with the environment in mind. Essentially this is not only a win for the world and our environment but also for our customers. As we know that so many of you are also environmentally conscious we wanted to provide you with a list of our recommended natural cleaning products. They are so easy to make and often you already have the ingredients in your cupboards at home. Really the hardest thing is finding some cute little bottles to use and making their labels!
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Shimmer Glass cleaning the Glass at the Botanic Gardens Biome

Every now and again we are requested to clean the glass of something a little out of the ordinary and the Sydney Botanic Gardens Biome Greenhouse is a good example of this. With its gigantic proportions and curved glass, it was quite a feat to reach every pane and yet by the time we were finished the iconic Sydney structure was glimmering in the sun ready for its many future visitors.
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