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The Benefits Of Regular Window 

Regular Window Cleaning

Have you ever cleaned your windows by yourself and then become frustrated with the streaks left behind?

Then it is time you hired the services of a professional window cleaner. Shimmer Glass cleaning provides you the opportunity to enjoy looking out of your spotless windows. Clean windows will last longer as the build-up of harmful substances that cause frame-deterioration can be prevented. Clean windows also let in more light, keep out weather and provide beautiful views.

Save Time

Cleaning windows is a time consuming task if you do not know how to do it and you will have to spend your entire day in cleaning them. However, when you hire a professional cleaner to clean your windows, they are expertized to do a good job quickly and they also have the equipment to do it.

Spotless Windows

Regular professional window cleaning will also help remove the marks that will stain the glass permanently if left un-removed for too long. The experience, equipment and professional cleaning compounds they use will make your glass sparkle and keep them streak free until the next appointment. A clean and spotless window will impress your family and friends, and you will be the envy of your neighbours.

Extend The Life Of Your Windows

The routine cleaning of your windows can protect and extend their life. Over time, windows gather dust, dirt, oxidation and other corrosive substances. Regular window cleaning will help remove contaminants like hard minerals, acid rain and mildew. By removing these contaminants, you can save your window from permanent damage, which may lead to window replacement.

Save Money

Professional window cleaning is a little expensive when compared to cleaning the windows yourself, but when you consider the cost of professional cleaning solutions, static-free rags, squeegees, ladders and other equipment you may need to get the same results as the pros, the cost of professional window cleaning is quite reasonable. Regular window cleaning will ensure that you do not have to replace them, which is very expensive.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Window Cleaning Company

  • Enjoy having spotless windows.
  • Increase your window’s life span.
  • Prevent permanent stains.
  • Save money on a cost-per-clean basis.
  • Impress family, friends and neighbours. 

Having your windows cleaned by a professional window cleaning company will ensure that they not only look amazing, but they last longer too!

How Often Should We Clean Our Windows?

This is a question we often get asked at Shimmer Glass Cleaning. The frequency required for window cleaning depends on a number of factors:

Your own personal preference

Some people just prefer to have their windows cleaned more often as they enjoy being able to enjoy their view and surroundings while others like to prepare their home or business for a special event such as a party or an inspection.

Proximity to busy roads / construction / ocean

Silt, sand and dust can cause your windows, frames and building to deteriorate over time so if you live close to any of these things we recommend cleaning your windows quarterly

Protecting your house or building

We recommend as an absolute minimum that you give your prized asset a thorough wash down at least once a year. The air pollution will over time eat away at your property and paint and window insurers make it a regulation to clean annually in order to maintain your warranties for this very reason.

Making a good first impression

If you are somebody that prides themself on their appearance then taking care of your glass and building is no exception. If your business is in a high traffic area or you have lots of visitors to your home then a more regular clean is appropriate. Shimmer Glass Cleaning offers discounted rates for locking in regular window cleans and building washes.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Domestic Window Cleaner

Virtually no one enjoys washing his or her windows. Let’s be honest it is a labour intensive and time-consuming task. But fortunately it is also a necessity.

You may think that the cost of hiring a professional window cleaner is too expensive, but a professional has more advantages than you realise. It is more affordable than you might think and the benefits of the service by far outweigh the cost.

We save you time

The most valuable currency we have is time and simply put, there is never enough of it. The last thing we want to do is waste time is by cleaning your own windows.

Think about this, while we are doing our job, you could be spending time with your kids, participating in a hobby, or doing other chores that you don’t actually mind doing!


Guaranteed Results

When you hire someone to do your domestic window cleaning you will always be assured of a professional, thorough job being done. We have their own professional-grade equipment and, because we are the experts, you will know that you will get streak free results every time, GUARANTEED

Safety First

You don’t want to risk your safety by climbing up ladders just to clean your windows. When you hire us to do your domestic window cleaning, we do all the work and heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We have ladders as well as additional safety equipment specific to the task of cleaning windows, and we know all of the proper safety techniques, so the risk of damaging your home is even smaller.

When you hire a professional service to clean your windows you give yourself the benefit of more time to do the things you want and needs, the results are professional grade, and you don’t take on any risk at all. In other words, your quality of life improves, and your view is a lot clearer

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How to clean hard to reach windows

You may have noticed that many new homes built today are boasting large floor to ceiling windows.

Especially in rooms outfitted with cathedral ceilings, these windows give both light and warmth to a room. Handsome as they are, the owners of these picturesque windows soon discover one drawback to their high-ceilinged décor, and that is cleaning them.

Cleaning these windows have many scratching their heads.

Step ladders are just not high enough, and getting down and moving the ladder an inch or two in each direction makes for more work than the actual cleaning.

So, what to do?

The answer is luckily readily available, inexpensive, and easy to use.

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Using a professional window cleaner provides you with many benefits:

1. Saves money on buying expensive equipment.

2. Saves time and frees you up to do more important things

3. Saftey – cleaning high windows can be a dangerous venture

4. Guarantee – We guarantee our work


How Water Fed Pole Cleaning Works?

A long flexible pole up to 47ft is connected to the tap via a filtration system. Water flows from the tap through the filter and its five stage filtration system and a de-ionizing polishing resin removes all traces of minerals and TDS (total dissolved solids).

The water is pumped through the pole to a brush and the operator can then clean the glass by agitating the brush against the window cleaning the frames first and then the panes. Purified water is used for two reasons it dries naturally without leaving unsightly spots over the glass, and it acts as a solvent obviating the need for chemicals or detergents. No Squeegee necessary!

How can it be as good a clean when you don’t use a squeegee to dry the glass afterwards?

It’s the impurities in tap water which leave spots and streaks on your glass. Using 100% purified water means your glass dries spot and streak free.

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