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Shimmer Glass Cleaning are the window cleaning specialists for schools

Schools are probably the toughest settings to keep clean on an everyday basis. And yet the overall cleanliness of the educational facility directly reflects the professionalism and level of excellence of your school. Cleanliness is crucial not just for students to have a functional and healthy learning environment, but also so you can make a good impression to the parents of any prospective students. Continue reading

Shimmer Glass Cleaning are the window cleaning specialists for Retirement Villages 

Most modern structures have a large number of glass windows and doors and these help bring in natural light into the indoor spaces; but they do require regular maintenance and cleaning. It doesn’t take time for glass windows to start looking dirty as pollution, smudges, dirt, grit and debris can become adhered to the internal and external surfaces of the windows. Continue reading

What do we Value Most?

As a window cleaning company of repute, we at Shimmer Glass Cleaning have been operating in a very steadfast and consistent manner in this industry since 2009. We work in a concerted way and provide a consistently high level of services to residential and commercial customers across the Sydney Metro region. Continue reading

A day in the Life of a Window Cleaner

We at Shimmer Glass Cleaning have a team of dedicated team of window cleaning technicians that are experienced and certified to handle a large variety of window glass cleaning jobs. Our window cleaners are extremely hardworking, thorough and efficient and move through their day at a clipping pace and complete all the tasks allocated to them, with no compromise on safety or quality. Continue reading