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How Do Professional Window Cleaners Wash Windows?

Cleaning Windows

While Professional window washers carry out their job to perfection, you will be pleased to know that the tools and methods they use are not at all complex. From what is given below you can get to know how to clean windows like a pro.

The cleaning tools used by a Professional window cleaner include squeegees, a plastic rectangular bucket of around 5-gallon capacity, scrubbers, hand dish-washing liquid, a ladder, lint-free rags or small towels, and warm water. Squeegees are loaded with stable rubber blades that should be changed daily.


Fill the bucket with 2 gallons of warm water and add a teaspoon of dish-washing liquid. If the weather is warm, cool water does the job well.

Step one

The first step of the best way to clean windows is to use a premium quality window cleaning solution or liquid detergent for dishwashing. Add a little amount of this window cleaning solution to the scrubber and rub it in. Immerse the scrubber into the solution in the bucket and drain out the extra water from the scrubber.

Step two

You should first use a wet terry cloth rag to wipe the outer window frame clean. Then start scrubbing the glass, working from all angles so that the edges are reached and dirt and dust are removed. Use a swirling motion and cover the whole surface.

You should then use a rubber squeegee to wipe the window glass dry using horizontal strokes, though vertical strokes are also effective. If horizontal strokes are used, the squeegee should be held at a thirty-degree angle to the glass. If you are working vertically, the angle should be such that excess water flows to the dirty parts of the window. The scouring pad of the sponge should be good enough to remove stubborn dirt from the window.

Step three

Now you need to make a starting strip. Hold the squeegee in such a slanted way that just one corner touches the glass. Then, go to the top corner of the glass and wipe a thin strip of the window on one side starting with the top and ending at the bottom.

Step four

Hold down the squeegee blade against the top corner of the glass and wipe it steadily across the window.

Step five

At this point, you need to clean the rubber blade. You can wipe the blade clean using a terrycloth rag or clean towel, or wipe it across the scrubber to remove any excess water and dirt following each pass.

Step six

It’s time to start Cleaning windows again by using the top of the squeegee. While doing this, the last stroke should be overlapped. Maneuver the squeegee across the window using an angle that makes excess water come down. You should repeat this step after wiping out.

Step seven

You now need to wipe up the excess water accumulated on the bottom edge of the window with a cleaning rag. Then, for removing leftover suds, you can use a separate lint-free rag and drag it along the window perimeter. Finally, wipe down for the last time using a dirt-free area of the lint-free rag to remove any streaks that may have been left behind. A microfiber towel can also be used.

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The Exorbitant Cost of Not Cleaning Your Windows

Window Cleaning Sydney

With architectural trends across the world including using increasing amounts of glass it is becoming more and more important to ensure that you are caring for your windows to maximise their appearance and ensure their longevity preventing future replacement costs. As the building manager, strata manager, or homeowner you may not even be aware of the damage that everyday pollutants have on your windows and frames.

Windows are subjected to different weather conditions every day. Dirt, dust, and pathogens that are seemingly harmless can actually cause deterioration which stains the glass and frames to a point where the damage can not be reversed. This means that windows need regular attention to prevent damage. Many people believe that windows are made from robust materials like steel and glass and that cleaning them annually is not a high priority. At Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning, we often see commercial windows, strata buildings, and residential windows that have been left for a number of years, and the customer is surprised when we are unable to remove all of the stainings. Some might say that having your windows professionally cleaned is expensive and unnecessary, but what does it really cost when you don’t get them cleaned?

The most common problem that happens is hard water staining

Hard water staining is caused when water runs over a building carrying tiny particles of cement, render, paint, etc, and embed in the porous glass. If windows are washed regularly these particles will be washed off the glass but over time they will embed in the glass. However, if left unchecked, regular cleaning will not be enough and instead, glass restoration processes will need to be carried out by professional window cleaners. There are some hard water stain removal chemicals you can buy to remove these stains, however, these need to be applied correctly. If not done correctly, these chemicals may further cause damage rather than help. Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning have extensive experience in regards to treating hard water stains. Shimmer Glass and Pressure cleaning are very experienced in cleaning windows of commercial, strata and residential properties.

Window Cleaning Sydney

Preventing your building and glass from deterioration is the best way to save on future costs

Getting a reliable window cleaner to schedule a regular clean twice or at the very least once a year will ensure that your windows stay in good shape longer. If you live on a coastal property, having your windows cleaned once a quarter is more preferable to reduce the continuous salt build-up. Take note that the more often you clean your windows, the less likely it will lose its integrity. If you’re unsure about the condition of your windows call a window cleaning professional to assess the situation for you.

Don’t let your windows deteriorate to a condition where it becomes beyond repair. Book a regular booking with Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning by visiting their website or you may call 1300 090 914 to speak to a customer solution specialist.


So you think you can clean windows?

Window Cleaning

Shimmer explains what it takes to become a professional window cleaner

Many people think that window cleaning can be performed easily by anybody and is an unskilled job like cleaning. In fact, this isn’t true. Window cleaning is a very highly skilled career that is developed over time through rigorous training and practice.

Many people think that just because they clean their own windows that they can work in a professional window cleaning company. You buy a commercial window cleaning product, apply it to the glass, wipe it, then it’s clean. But professional window cleaning is about so much more than just mopping and squeegeeing!


Sure, you might have cleaned your windows before, but there’s a difference between cleaning your house windows over a whole weekend than cleaning a retirement village 4000 windows in a couple of days. It takes great skill and technique to clean several hundred windows each day and repeat this every day for the whole week. You need to be able to finish these windows in a timely manner to complete the work to the timeframe allocated.


Aside from working fast, accuracy is likewise essential. What does it matter if you squeegee 200 windows when all of them have water dripping down them? Would the top retirement villages in the country be satisfied with streaky glass? A professional window cleaner cleans the window, the frames, the tracks and ensures it’s completed in a spot-free, streak-free manner. At Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning our professional window cleaners are trained to deliver outstanding results for every customer.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Knowing the customer and knowing how to resolve their concerns is as much a part of window cleaning and pressure cleaning as carrying out the job itself. A good professional window cleaner knows how to clean your windows, but a great one knows how to assess what a customer needs when the situation calls for it. From the get-go, the customer must be informed of what the job will entail and any potential hurdles when they book the job.

Problem Solving

Difficult access, lack of taps, low pressure, obstacles, films, timing issues, tough stains, adhesive residue, paint and many other problems are a regular occurrence for professional window cleaners. When you work for Sydney’s leading window cleaning company, Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning, you’re trained to overcome these many challenges. This also means your glass, frames and property are protected. At Shimmer, we only employ professional window cleaners and pressure cleaners across Sydney to ensure that when these difficulties are faced, they are resolved quickly and easily. It’s in these situations that the difference between a professional and an amateur become obvious. A professional experienced window cleaner cuts through the work with ease in the face of these difficulties.


To be a professional window cleaner, a person must undergo training to know the different techniques that work best for a specific job. It takes time before someone can actually go out on the field unsupervised. This is to ensure that a technician has the aforementioned skills before face a client. Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning, one of the leading window cleaning companies, for example, has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and employs technicians with 2-20 years of window cleaning and pressure cleaning experience.


Professional window cleaning is a tough job. It takes hours of rigorous training in order to achieve the speed and accuracy required to finish every job. You must have the ability to communicate the problem to the customer and provide them with a solution specific to their problem. Once you find a trusted window cleaning company, you can never go wrong. You’ll always have someone you can trust cleaning your windows that deliver exceptional results.


The Significant Role of Professional Strata Window Cleaning Service

When it comes down to strata high rise window cleaning services, people have a notion that this particular service is the same any place. Nevertheless, this is not the case. Strata high-rise window cleaning is a kind of service that stands apart from the rest. That is simply because it is a site that requires specific hardware, expertise, as well as tools. The dangers are more substantial with this service. As such, if you want to employ a high-rise window cleaning professional, it is smart to hire a proper professional along with the essential expertise and hardware.

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Choosing The  Most Suitable Type of Window Film

Window film is a rather great layer of laminate that can be added to glass surfaces in houses as well as structures. The majority window film offers a polyester or vinyl base, using a coating this is resilient to scratches. Window film can be used inside or outside. It stops radiant temperature flow, lessens glare, reduces energy bills, as well as provides better comfort. Window film is very efficient in homes with older windows that don’t block heat effectively. There are many different types of window films that offer assorted benefits. Many window films are manufactured to help keep out heat. Others can colour windows for privateness or make a window more powerful and avoid it from breaking.

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Summer is Coming! We Have Your Windows Covered!

Enjoy your summer at the Northern Beaches and say hello to clean windows! Summer is coming, and that means fun, fun, and more fun! Northern Beaches is the perfect place to spend your summer. If you live or planning to go to the Northern Beaches, you know what will be going on down there. This beautiful coastal suburb in Sydney is a popular destination because of its white sandy beaches, light blue water, and amazing soothing waves. From Palm Beach to Whale Beach, you can never run out of options to which beach to go. Summer is one of those seasons where having fun should be your priority instead of work, problems, cleaning, etc. It’s a shame to have to spend your summer cleaning your home, instead of having fun at the beach. Shimmer Glass Cleaning is here to help you with your window cleaning needs.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

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